Yes, I’m talking about laundry…..again!

Friday , 15, November 2013 5 Comments

Laundry SOS

I have mentioned laundry a few times here at Coweta Fayette Families.  Try here, here, and here.

Well, I am at it again.  This time I am seeking guidance from YOU.  I have tried different laundry methods and still run into a few recurring problems.  Since laundry definitely needs to be done, I NEED to get better at it….or give up my sanity.


Problem areas:

SocksWhat do you do with mis-matched socks?  They all have to be around here somewhere, right?  It seems like no matter what I try, I end up with a pile of socks with no partners.  HELP!

ScheduleDo you do one load a day?  Do you do the bulk of your laundry once a week?  What kind of schedule works best for you?

Putting Laundry Away— This is the WORST part for me.  I end up with baskets of beautifully folded laundry that stay that way until I need the basket for another dirty load.  How do you keep the motivation going ALL the way through the process?  It seems like I lose steam after the laundry is folded.

Logistics— In a perfect world, my laundry room would be on the same floor as the bedrooms in my house….but it’s not.  So, what is the best way for me to get laundry from the bedrooms, to the laundry room, and back to the appropriate bedroom?  Do you have a ‘laundry folding’ spot in your house? 


I know I’m not alone here.  Consider this my Laundry SOS!  Help a Mama out!



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  • Julie says:

    1. Socks- I put all mismatched in a basket and match when there are enough in there. Any leftovers go to the trash.
    2. I try to do a load a day. Big kid, little kid, towels, hubby & I. I start first thing in the morning,(well, see below.) but don’t switch to he dryer until I know I’ll be home when the dryer is finished. I immediately put away after folding, otherwise it won’t get done!
    3. I fold everyone’s laundry in the room it goes in. I also try to be efficient about logistics….,say, putting a load in downstairs on the way to the gym, putting it in the dryer when we get back, etc. Big kid laundry goes on her bed & she is responsible for putting away. I also have little kid put away what he can-socks, underwear, Jammies

  • Jamie says:

    When my kids were younger, I used plastic disks that you put on socks to keep them together in the wash. They worked great! My husband still secures his with rubber bands so they stay together! After our daughter left, we built a closet in the laundry took for my son’s clothes. His bathroom is next to the laundry room, so he gets dressed there anyway! We bought platforms with drawers for under the washer and dryer for mismatched socks, cleaning rags, etc. If I ever build another “dream” house, it will have drawers and hanging racks for storage so everyone can retrieve their own clothes, and put them in their rooms, or simply get items as needed from the laundry room! When I need to take sheets, towels, or anything else, upstairs, I set them on the stairs for whomever goes up to carry!

    • Rachel says:

      I can’t wait until Eli is old enough to help put away his clothes. I guess I could start him with really simple tasks like putting his socks in his sock basket. I have seen the ‘drawers’ for under the washer and dryer on pinterest. I might have to ask hubby to make me some!

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