World Wide Web Wednesday: Using the Internet to Answer our Mommy Questions

Tuesday , 10, April 2012 2 Comments

Raise your hand if you use the internet to answer all of your questions. Whether I am trying to remember the name of that actor…you know the one that looks like my neighbor, or I am searching for the answers to my most recent mommy crisis, I turn to the computer first.   I don’t know how we solved any problems before we had Google! Have you heard that they are no longer going to print the Encyclopedia Britannica?  Our children might not even know what a hard copy encyclopedia looks like!

Say bye-bye to the printed page

Bear with me, I have been using the internet to answer a few questions I have had this week.  First, Eli has been exhibiting some weird and somewhat troubling nursing responses.  I did a little research (some involved talking to real  people!) and came to the conclusion that he may be on a somewhat mild nursing strike.  At this point I plan on following some of the advice on how to get through a nursing strike.  I am not ready to give up on nursing….and I am really not ready to pay for 6 months worth of formula!  A little more research led me to believe that my letdown reflex might  be a little slow causing Eli to be impatient and become irritated.  Looks like some Pavlovian training is in order.

I have also been thinking a lot about the milestones my child is supposed to reach and when.  Of course, each child is different but it is nice to know what kinds of things to expect your child to be learning next.  Sometimes I didn’t even realize Eli could do certain things until I read about how he would probably begin doing them.  Holding his head up, for example.  I didn’t know he could do it on his own because I was so used to supporting his head every time I picked him up, etc.  Anyway, I found this article that talks about some of the lesser known milestones while conducting my research.

What have you been reading online this week?


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  • Julie says:

    God bless Dr. Google! haha! I use the internet a lot for parenting advice. Not only do I belong to a message board for moms who all had kids in July ’07, but I also used ALL THE TIME when I was nursing Brandon. I also like Dr. Sears website because he is an advocate of attachment parenting as well as not freaking out over every little thing 🙂 I always go to his website first as a barometer of whether or not I should call our local pediatrician.

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