Working out with 3 kids in tow. A story in pictures.

Sunday , 5, February 2012 Leave a comment
One day, Maggie and I decided to try out a new workout DVD.  The only problem was, we had 3 kids to entertain.  The following pictures tell the story of our Post Pregnancy workout that day.

Miriam and Eli were ready to watch their Mammas sweat.

Maggie had to entertain Liam for a bit

He got bored, so Maggie made him part of her workout

Meanwhile, I tried to keep Eli happy while keeping up with the moves.

When she wasn't playing on the computer, Miriam joined in.

Liam finally had enough, so he played in his exersaucer.

After the Mom workout, the boys got their own workout with some tummy time.

 Even with the distractions, Maggie and I got in a good workout that day!

How do YOU get in a workout with while watching your kids?

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