Won’t you be my neighbor?

Friday , 12, October 2012 7 Comments

Do you know how to be a neighbor?  It seems like an easy enough task, but how many of us don’t have any kind of relationship, beyond the polite wave and head not, with our neighbors.  My plan upon moving into my new house was to KNOW my neighbors.  But I didn’t really know HOW to make it happen.

Then, one day, Eli and I walked out to the mail box.  Truthfully, I went out to the mailbox at that particular time because I saw the neighbors across the street were outside.  That is when I met Tricia.  She came right over and introduced herself.  We chatted for about 20 minutes.  I was thrilled and excited to have met my first neighbor!  There was definitely potential there.  Tricia even has a son close to Eli’s age!  The next day, Tricia sent her older son over with a note with their names and phone numbers.

That same week, our next door neighbors were outside and I met them too.  Thanks to their outgoing 11 year old that happens to have the same name as me!

Then, Tricia started a Facebook group for our little neck of the woods.  We use the Facebook group to ask questions of each other, or to chat about important neighborhood business, like…the giant spider that Tricia found in her garage, or who actually owns the bob tailed kitty that has a food bowl at every house on the street?


Now, I have personally met 4 of my neighbors, and have met a few more online.  I feel like I lucked out in the neighbor department.

So now I know HOW to be a neighbor.  Get out of your house.  Introduce yourself.  Share your information.  Linger by the mailbox.  Go around the hedge and meet the people that live next to you.

Now, I will always have somewhere to go if I am in desperate need of a cup of sugar!


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  • Lori Vann says:

    Hey there from down the street! While I’ll only be in the neighborhood a little bit longer, you are welcome to borrow sugar or anything! I think the facebook page is neat, and hope you’ll let me stay on it once we move!

  • Linda says:

    Great advice, Rachel! So happy that you are connecting – they’re fortunate to have you 3 in the neighborhood, too!

  • Jamie Wyatt says:

    I’m so glad you have good neighbors. Bad neighbors can make your life miserable! After my husband and I married, the elderly spinster neighbor in our first duplex apartment complained about everything! We could hear every word said on her tv, yet she complained about the noise of our washing machine! There were two paths to our shared trashcan, but I was only “allowed” to use the one that was on my side of the trash can. She had no car, but if one of our guests parked an inch over the middle of the driveway, on “her side,” she came over and complained. She left notes on our door about EVERYTHING. I could go on and on! We were so miserable that we paid a fee and broke our lease 6 months early. After that, whenever we moved, we always met our neighbors BEFORE we signed a contract!

  • Peter Mayhew says:

    Thrilled to have you as neighbors!

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