Why I’m Thankful to be a Peach State Mom

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Or more specifically, a ‘South of Atlanta’ Peach State Mom.  I have been here about 3 years now and have many reasons that I am happy to be putting down roots here in the Peach State.  Here are a few (in no particular order!)

1.  I’m not the only ‘new’ kid on the block.  This area is full of folks transplanted from all over the country.  Some of us are planning on staying for a while, and some are here for a more temporary time period.  Either way, it seems like we are all in this together.  Meeting people seems easier when we are all ‘new’ to the area.

2.  The mountains.  Did you know that there are mountains in Georgia?  Well, there are.  And they are beautiful.  Before Eli, Hubby and I made our way up to the mountains to drive the forest service roads in our Jeep Wrangler.  Last summer- while I was super prego- we wandered around the cute shops in the mountain town of Dahlonega,  a fun memory from the ‘just the two of us’ days!   Just a few weeks ago, we drove through the mountains to look at the changing leaves.  It was a great lazy day activity.  I would love to find a lodge or bed and breakfast to celebrate our anniversary one of these next few years.

3.  SEC Football!  (Roll Tide!)  I did not grow up in a home where there was much of a focus on sports.  Then, I went to a college that was terrible at most athletic events.  When I met my husband, and then moved to the south, I discovered SEC football.  Wow.  These fans really love their teams!  It has been fun to get caught up in the pomp and circumstance.  We watch college football on most Saturdays, even if our team isn’t playing.

Eli sporting his Alabama gear at 2 months old

4.  4 hour drive from everywhere–When we knew we were moving to the Atlanta area, we started to look at places we would like to visit that aren’t too far to drive.  Turns out, there are LOTS of places within a 4 hour (or less) drive from here.  Gatlinburg TN, Chattanooga TN, Savannah and Tybee Island GA, Birmingham AL…and the list goes on.

Sitting where Forrest Gump sat...waiting for the bus. Part of the movie was filmed in Savannah.

5.  Weather–  One of the main reasons we decided to settle in the south is to escape the harsh Midwestern winter.  It.Gets.So.Cold!  So, while the summers have been an adjustment for me (especially last year at 7+months pregnant) It has been nice to have a break from the ‘stupid cold’!

6.  Consignment sales– I have blogged about this many times, but it is true!  I love consignment sales.  And, as far as I know, they are not nearly as common in other parts of the country.  I love a good deal!

7.  The Beach–  While I am not a fan of sand, I do enjoy visiting the beach from time to time.  Not something I did very often when I lived in the middle of the country.  I have yet to visit the beach with a baby or toddler, so check back with me in a year or so.  I might have a different opinion after I have tried to keep sand out of my child’s mouth for an entire vacation!  But, hey!  At least we are close enough to enjoy the beach on a semi regular basis!

Enjoying some seafood at The Crab Shack on Tybee Island



8.  The Braves–  Yes, I also now love the Braves.  I guess if there is a bandwagon around, I’ll hop aboard.  But I don’t care.  I know most of the players names and positions.  Even when I am unable to attend the games, I enjoy watching them on TV or even better, listening to the game on the radio.  In my defense, I have yet to jump on the Falcons or Nascar bandwagon.  Maybe next year.

9.  The City–  We are close enough to Atlanta to enjoy the Zoo, Aquarium, Children’s museum, Centiennial Olympic Park, World Of Coke..Etc.  I know we will spend more time in the city as Eli gets older!

Why are You happy to be a Peach State Mom?

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