Why having a big bed in your toddler’s room is awesome

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Eli big boy bed with text


Let me start with a bit of background here.  The plan was to get Eli transitioned to a big boy bed before baby brother’s arrival in April.  We didn’t want to buy another crib. My babies sleep in the crib as soon as they come home from the hospital, so big brother got evicted.  We had a full size bed in the guest room (soon to be nursery), so the logical (and frugal) thing would be to use that as the ‘big boy bed’.  I had some reservations about using a bed so big for my little man, but Hubby assured me that he would be fine.  In fact, it was the same bed (different mattress) that he slept in when he was little. One PVC guard rail later, I was convinced that it could work.

The transition to big boy bed occurred with few issues.  Eli loves his big boy bed, and guess what?  So do I.  I didn’t realize there would be so many benefits but let me tell you, there are.

The best perk for having a large bed our toddler’s room is that we can join him in his bed if the need arises.  Like, if he is scared because of a thunderstorm/fireworks/other loud noises.  I am pretty selfish with my sleeping space so we have never had kids sleep in the bed with us.  Being able to lay in his bed with him, occasionally, has worked out really great for us.  Is your toddler up before the sun on a Saturday morning and the baby is still sleeping?  Mom or Dad can zonk out in his bed while he reads climbs on said adult.  Not my most proud parenting moments, but sometimes you just need another 20 minutes of sleep.

Another reason I love the big bed in my toddler’s room is the comfy space for reading books together.  Eli loves to read books.  If your toddler is anything like mine, he likes to have at least 2 blankets and four stuffed animals with him at all times.  Having the big bed gives us the space for all of our furry friends (and baby brother!).

I also like that this bed is neccesarily for any specific purpose.  It worked great in the guest room, and is working just fine for little Eli.  The versatility will allow us to re-purpose it again in the future.  Maybe my boys will share a room and have bunk beds.  The big boy bed would then easily go back to use as a guest bed.  Maybe Eli will sleep in this bed until he is 18.  Either way, I won’t be looking to sell a toddler bed in 2 years when Eli outgrows it.

So, what kind of bed does your toddler have?  Anyone else out there have a big bed in their toddler’s room, and love it?


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