Why Do I Feel Guilty?

Thursday , 5, April 2012 1 Comment

As moms we put our kids first and I always put my little ones’ needs before mine. Whatever she needs goes into the budget first. Since eating better and running I have started to want to “beautify “myself a little more than normal. I have been getting my nails done, wanting to tan and and workout whenever possible…oh and yes…I want to SHOP!!!

But while doing all of these wonderful things (yes they are in the budget) I feel sort of guilty that I should be investing that “beautifying” time into playing with my daughter or using that money to buy her more things. I know she is stockpiled with toys and clothes, but the guilt does not go away.

Am I normal to feel this way? If it is normal, when does the feeling go away? I guess what I am saying is when will I be able to buy a shirt without having to buy her one too, just so it is OK? I do think as moms that we need to take care of ourselves and take pride in our appearance.  So I am not saying that I want to stop spending time on me, I just don’t want to feel guilty while doing it!

Any thoughts? Has anyone gone through this or is currently going through this?

Thanks Ladies!!!!!! 😉

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One Comment
  • Julie says:

    I used to feel guilty too, but not anymore! There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first sometimes. More relaxed moms makes for better parents.

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