Where did my Baby go?

Monday , 1, October 2012 Leave a comment

After a weekend of following Eli around the house, cleaning up each disaster in his wake, I am asking myself this question…..Where did my baby go?  It seems like every other conversation between my hubby and I has to do with how fast our little guy is growing up.  ‘Do you remember when he used to stay in one place on a blanket!?’…’He never wore socks this small!’…and my favorite comment as my husband looked at Eli in the rear view mirror yesterday..’He looks more like a little boy than a baby now.’  It is exciting and sad at the same time.  Everyone told me that the time would go fast, but I did not understand that until now.  Eli is NOT a baby anymore.  He has already sent his first text message, and made a comment on facebook (while I wasn’t looking)!  He insists on army crawling everywhere but is pulling up to standing at the coffee table, in his crib and much to his father’s chagrin, at the brick fireplace hearth.  He scampers like crazy towards the fridge when I open the door so he can empty the bottom condiment shelf of its contents.  He shakes his head whenever we tell him ‘no’ although he doesn’t stop what he is doing.  Last night after his bath, he took his hair brush out of my hand and started brushing his own hair.  He is learning new things all the time!  He loves to clap his hands, and play catch.

I have always been more of a ‘kid’ person than a ‘baby’ person, but I find myself missing the newborn smell and little baby babbles.   The only thing that makes Eli’s growing up easier for me, is that he will (hopefully) be followed by a brother or sister someday.  So, while I can’t slow down how fast he is growing, I can plan on snuggling another baby in the future.  Until then, I will forge ahead as Eli pulls on my earnings, spills his juice and then plays in it, and empties my purse for the 8th time.  The toddler days are here to stay, and I just can’t get enough of my little sponge!

Eating his favorite snack, Kix.

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