When to start sports

Monday , 25, August 2014 Leave a comment

How young is too young for sports I have a super active little boy who loves to watch his dad play softball for our church team. He loves getting to run around tossing the big yellow balls and play with his best friend, whose dad is also on the team. Seeing his budding love of sports, I started to wonder “When should we start signing him up for sports?” I know that there are several local places that offer soccer classes for toddlers and some of the Goober’s friends are already in them. I’m hesitant to sign him up just yet though, because a big part of me feels he is still too young at two and a half to really “get” it and if he isn’t going to be able to really start building a foundation of the sport yet it seems like a lot of money to spend. Maybe if he wasn’t already in a four day Mom’s Morning Out program, I would be singing a different tune. So let me hear from you, when did you start signing your child/children up for sports? What made you think your kids were ready?

When should you start team sports?

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