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Friday , 11, October 2013 Comments Off on What's up!

So, over the summer I took a little break from blogging here at Coweta Fayette Families, which rolled into a beginning-of-school break. Here”s what we”ve been doing the past few months since I”ve been away…

1) We had the laziest summer ever! Big Sister did a week of Vacation Bible School, and we went to the beach twice, (oh and celebrated 3/4 of the family”s birthdays in a 2 week period) but other than that, we did a whole lot of nothing. We were ready for a break  after her first year of school! (She rocked kindergarten, by the way.) We even took a break from reading, which is one habit I wish we”d at least stuck with-it”s October and we are just now getting back into it. I guess a break is good every now and then, though. Both kids started to get a bit antsy a few weeks before school started, so I think next summer we may add a day camp in there, too.

2) Big Sister started FIRST GRADE and Little Brother started 3 year old preschool! They are both loving it, especially Little Brother, who is as happy as a clam when I pick him up three days a week after he”s played with all of his friends and his sweet teacher.

3) I co-chaired the elementary school Fall Festival. What a beast! It was a couple of weeks ago and in the weeks leading up to it, it took over my life! It was a fun night for the entire school community and for better or for worse, my オンライン カジノ friend and I decided to head it up next year, too.

4) Both kids chose to do gymnastics, and Sister is also playing softball. I was hesitant to let her do 2 extra curricular activities, especially because softball is more than once a week, but she is doing fine with them and Brother LOVES gymnastics. Well, it”s more like a tumbling class for 3 & 4 year olds, but he is still having fun. I”d recommend it to anyone with kids that age. However, just today Sister told me she was tired of gymnastics for a while. Thank goodness it”s a month to month financial commitment 🙂

5) And lastly…we have finally become official Peachtree City residents because we bought a golf cart. It”s been so fun exploring all the paths and going on “adventures!” We”ve found a few hidden places to play…hmm, maybe an idea for an upcoming blog post?


So, that”s that. I”m so excited to be back here at CFF blogging. I”ve been experimenting with a couple of things this summer and I can”t wait to share them with you guys…the most important one being that we started grocery shopping every other week (vs. every week) and it”s been a HUGE time AND money saver. Look for that post in a couple of weeks!


Until next time..

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