What’s in a name?

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The CFF contributors weigh in on a very important topic….Baby Names!  How did you decide what to name your little ones?  Please share with us! Use the hashtag #CFFkidsnames

whats in a name


I like names that are fairly traditional, not too popular, but not weird.  I also like to consider family connections.

Eli Christopher: Eli was almost Nathaniel.  Hubby and I found Nathaniel in a family geneology book.  It is the oldest known relative on his maternal grandmother’s side of the family.  We both like the name, but were never sure enough to make a final decision.  When I was 3 days overdue, Hubby asked what I thought of ‘Eli’, and the rest is history.  Christopher is Hubby’s name.  I had no objections with him passing part of his name on to our first born.

Emmett Douglas:  I’m not sure why, but I felt it was important to get baby #2’s name figured out early.  Hubby told me to pick the first name since he named Eli.  Of course, I wanted him to like the name as well.  We narrowed it down to Emmett or Henry, and decided the middle name would be Douglas, Hubby’s middle name and his Dad’s name, either way.  I struggled with trying to give baby #2 part of my name but never came up with something that I liked.

I am very pleased with how Eli and Emmet sound together.  It flows off my tongue as I talk about my two beautiful boys!



The Goober’s name is a combination of my husband and I’s names. Alexander has been a family name on my side for generations (my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc…) so I knew we would use that and we picked the nickname Xander because I knew far, far too many ‘Alex’s growing up. In my husband’s family they often use one of the parents’ first or middle names as the child’s middle name so we decided to incorporate that tradition as well. Alexander Nicholas seemed to flow together well and was a really strong name even if he is rarely if ever called by it.

The Squish’s name has a less tradition based origin. Connor was simply a name we liked, though I do like that links back to our Irish roots and is similar to my sister’s name (Connie). His middle name, Langdon, is an old family name from my side and again, we liked that it was a strong name that seemed to flow off the tongue. We always do the “parent” voice test when deciding names where we test out shouting the name like the kiddo is in trouble to see if still works.



Each of our kids has a family name, paired with a name that we chose just for him/her. Each child also has a myriad of nicknames, which makes soccer and baseball games lots of fun (the other parents have no idea who I am cheering for).

I have always loved the name Emily. It is classic and very girly. My husband agreed. We used the name Bernadette for her middle name. My grandmother was a Bernadette, my mother is a Bernadette, and I am (obviously) a Bernadette. Emily really had no choice but to take “Bernadette” as her middle name. I hope that she continues the tradition when she has a daughter of her own. Emily’s nicknames: Boogie-Boo, Em-B, Sissy, Eminy.

Matthew is actually “George”. He was named after his grandfather and great-grandfather, both of whom passed away before Matthew was born. George is a big name for a little boy, so we decided to call him by his middle name. “Matthew” was a no-brainer. We loved the name and it was another classic. Matthew’s nicknames: Bubba, Matt, Matt-Moo, Georgie, Georgie-Porgie, Bubbaloo, Porge-a-loo, Captain Obvious, Absent-Minded Professor.

Luke began as Ava Caroline. That is what happens when you are told (twice) that you are having a girl. Caroline is my cousin’s name and we just loved the name Ava. Caroline’s name changed when, at 37 weeks, our OB/GYN saw testicles. We had to figure out a name for our boy in about an hour. My husband threw out the name Luke and it was perfect. We decided to give him “Thomas” as his middle name, after his Daddy. We didn’t realize at that time what a perfect name he had: “Luke” means bringer of light” and St. Luke is the patron saint of physicians and surgeons. During our brave boy’s short life, he definitely brought the light and we found peace during surgery knowing that St. Luke was praying for him. Luke’s nicknames: Wittle Bubba, Wuke.

James Benedict. This name is another one that used both a family name as well as a great deal of symbolism. We had been thinking about using the name James as it is my father’s middle name and was the name of each of his grandfathers. It wasn’t until we found out that James would be born with an omphalocele that his name became more clear. In James 1:2-3, it says “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance”. We had been given a number of tests over the past year and this verse spoke very deeply to us. Not to mention that I received an annointing of the sick while I was pregnant with James, which is also described in James. Benedict was all my husband’s idea. He called me to suggest it and I laughed. But when he explained that “Benedict” means “blessed”, it made total sense. James’ nicknames: JB, Jimmy, Food Guy, Bubby.



Brittany Green and Blake Edward: Our first child was a girl. We figured out her name fairly soon into the pregnancy, and shared it early on. I went through dozens of books and made lots of lists to narrow down and discuss with my husband. After many tries, and no agreement, I got serious about figuring out the names I REALLY liked. I narrowed the list down to maybe 8-10 I liked and would be happy with. Brittany was the only name my husband liked from my “final” list (which also included Ansley and Larkin–but those are all I remember!) We paired Brittany with Green, a family name from my husband’s side. We had t-shirts made for all our family and some friends to wear at the hospital. The shirts said, “Brittany’s Aunt,” “Brittany’s Grandmother,” etc. Friends received “Brittany’s Birth Brigade.” Our son’s name was more difficult to agree on. We were looking for something we perceived as a strong one syllable name. I absolutely did not want a “Junior,” because I knew how much my Daddy hated being “Herb, Jr.” or “Little Herbert” all his life! We went through the same process with books, lists and asking family and friends for suggestions, but had trouble making a final decision. Hence, our son was known as Bubba until probably late in the 8th month. We finally settled on the name Blake Edward. Ed and I were fans of the tv show “Dynasty” and John Forsythe’s character, Blake Carrington. We used my husband’s first name for Blake’s middle name. Since we had not settled on Blake’s name, we had tote bags printed for family and friends at the birth that said, “Here’s Bubba!” We did share the name as soon as we knew it, which was probably a few weeks before the birth. We didn’t consciously look for a second “B” name, but I like it that my children’s names seem to “go together” because they both start with B!

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