What to Expect in Kindergarten…From the Mind of a Kindergartner

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For parents, the first day of kindergarten is as emotional as seeing your baby take his first steps or watching as he makes his first friend.  It’s a milestone in their little lives, and in your life as well.

We all have expectations for our children as they enter the elementary school years.  We want them to learn how to read, how to write, and we want them to make lots of good friends.  We also want them to learn responsibility and how to behave in a group.

But what about them?  What about the little ones who seem way too small to be at school all day?  The ones who, just yesterday, were learning how to walk?  How to make new friends?  Do they have expectations for kindergarten? What excites them about “big school”?

Our youngest starts kindergarten today.  No longer is he the “little brother” who tags along to school festivals and parties.  No longer is he just Emily and Matthew’s little brother.  Nope.  He is James now.  He is finally his own person.

Knowing what my husband and I expect from his year in kindergarten, I decided to ask James what he expects from kindergarten.

Here are a few things that excite James about kindergarten:

*  He gets to take the bus!  I swear this kid has been dreaming about this moment for the past three years.  It’s a rite of passage for him.  As if riding the bus, will make him a man.

*  He will learn phone numbers and stuff.  I’m not really sure what he means by this statement, but it must be pretty important.  I know that he needs to  learn our phone numbers!  Yes, I am a preschool teacher whose kid still does not know his phone number (not from lack of trying).

*  Lunch, because he might have recess after that.  There are two things that matter the most to little boys:  eating and playing.

*  How to be a waiter.  I honestly can’t say where this came from, but I do know that his lifelong dream is to be a waiter…and you learn things at school, so…

*  How to read.  Hooray!  Something that we expect, too.  Except that after he said this, he told me that he is excited about reading because “you put the books in the slot in the library, I think”.

*  The teachers will bring dinner when we sleep over.  Because doesn’t every elementary school have kindergarten sleepovers?

*  We might go to sleep earlier than we do at home.  It’s called a nap, James, look it up.

*  It’s always easy to make friends.  No explanation necessary, I just pray that he always feels this way.

*Ice cream!  This is what he said that he is most excited about.  Remember what I said about boys and food?

The best part of our “interview” was when I asked what scares him about kindergarten.  His response?


So, as I drop James off in Mrs. Carlisle’s class tomorrow, I will be secure not only in the fact that I know he is ready, but also in the fact that he knows he is ready.

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