What To Do With All The Artwork

Tuesday , 28, August 2012 2 Comments

My kids have been bringing artwork home from school since they were babies.  The baby teachers in our daycare were very crafty and used baby hands and feet to do all sorts of art projects.  We accumulated so much artwork and admittedly, I have thrown a lot of it away.  Over time, I have figured out a system that works for us.

I have two folders for each child on my kitchen counters – one for school related things and the other is for artwork.  When my kids come home, I empty out their daily school folders into one of the two folders on my counter.  I do this every weekday and when I have a minute, I will look through the school related things for important information.  When I have more time on my hands, I will look through the artwork folder, take pictures of the art, and pull out some to display in their playroom.  I keep a 30-quart sterilite storage box in my kids’ closets.  I fill the boxes with things that I know I want to keep for them.  When that box gets full, I take it to the attic and dump it all in a larger storage box for each child.    So when the artwork folders get full, I put the special ones in the boxes in the closet in a labeled folder.  The others I toss out after I make sure that I have a photo of it already stored on my computer.  This is how I “preserve” their artwork.  One of these days, I’m going to put the photos of all the artwork in a book for each of them (I’ve had great experiences with Shutterfly and Picaboo).  I’m sure there are much more crafty ways to preserve artwork than this but I am not crafty and this is what works for me.

One of my daughter’s masterpieces

My son points to the green scribbles and tells me it’s an airplane.

We display the kids’ artwork in their playroom on a decorative curtain rod with curtain ring clips.  Even a non-crafty person like me can do this!  I found this curtain rod with red star finials in a thrift store and got it for less than $10.  My handy husband hung up the artwork rod, I put in the curtain ring clips, and the kids have a place where they can display their artwork.  I can change out their artwork easily and frequently (or as often as I remember). Google “curtain rod artwork display” images and you can see the different variations of a display like this.

I am curious to see how others keep their children’s artwork.  And how do you display them?

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  • Julie says:

    I like this system!! We need a better one in place. Right now we put all the “keepers” in a drawer but that drawer is almost full already from the past 3 years of preschool artwork!

  • Emily says:

    Great idea! I look forward to using this system in the future.

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