What to do with 2 weeks

Thursday , 20, October 2011 2 Comments

Cleaning, organizing, sleeping, cooking, eating, relaxing….what did you do with the last 2 weeks of your pregnancy?  (Maggie is laughing at me now, as are the rest of you who didn’t make it to 40 weeks).  I am not quite climbing the walls with anticipation, but I am getting to the point where most of what ‘needs’ to be done is done.  So, other than my regular work schedule, what should I do with the next 2 weeks?  How did you keep yourself from going crazy waiting for labor to start? 

2 weeks to go!

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  • I really focused on the fact that the “due date” is just an estimate, and I was expecting to go longer. Turns out our little guy arrived about a week “early” (but at 10 lbs 2oz, he was plenty ready), which I guess is as much of a possibility as arriving late.

    Anyway, my general strategy toward the end was to continue with normal activities as much as possible. Go ahead and schedule outings or events with family and friends up to and past your estimated due date. That way, if you’re still waiting on baby’s arrival, you’ll have things to keep you distracted, and if baby comes early, you’ll have a very valid reason for canceling 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      Good Idea, Melissa. My husband and I usually do a date night on Wednesdays, so I should probably keep scheduling them until the baby comes. Next Wednesday should be an extra special one since it is my actual due date! I have a feeling we may get one more date night even after my due date!

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