What I Remember About Being Pregnant

Monday , 20, August 2012 1 Comment

This month Eli turned  nine months old.  My baby has now been living on the ‘outside’ longer than I carried him inside.  Nine months seems like such a long time ago, and while I do remember what it was like to be pregnant, I don’t REALLY remember. Does that make any sense?  In my mind I remember the emotions, and pains, but my body has forgotten.  I suppose that is why people do it all again.  Just so I don’t get too antsy for baby #2, I need a little reminder of what it took to get Mr. Eli here.   As I see it, there were two parts to my pregnancy, the emotional and the physical.

My pregnancy started out very emotionally charged.  With my first pregnancy ending in an early miscarriage, the second pregnancy was met with guarded excitement.  I wanted to be excited, but was not able to really let go and be excited for a good portion of my pregnancy.  I thought that getting further in my second pregnancy than I did my first would alleviate some of the worry, and it might have, for a little while.   Even after the highest risk time was over, I still struggled.  I sorted through some of my emotions by writing letters to my baby.  I would feel pretty good for a few days and then I would hear about someone who lost their baby at week __.  Then my personal countdown would start over until I reached that point.  There were a few months in the middle of my pregnancy that I relaxed a bit.  After we knew the gender, I had fun putting together his nursery and buying him cute little boy things.

Physically my pregnancy went something like this: weeks 6-16 nauseous 24 hours a day and tired, weeks 17-18 nausea subsided but allergies flared, weeks 19-20 felt great!, weeks 21-40+ indigestion, back pain, leg cramps, and general uncomfortableness.  I remember people talking about how the second trimester is the best because if you had morning sickness, it is usually over by then, and you aren’t so big that you are uncomfortable.  Well, for me, the wonderful ‘second trimester’ lasted about 2 weeks.  After week 20 I was massive and Atlanta summer was in full swing.

Half way. I felt pretty good at this point!

I remember that bending down to load the dishwasher was extremely uncomfortable.  I hated putting anything away in the bottom cabinets in the kitchen.  Most of the time I would let things accumulate on top of the counter and then sit on the floor to put it all away.  If I dropped anything that was not absolutely necessary to pick up, it stayed there for months.  It got to the point that getting in and out of the car was very difficult.  I pity the poor gas station attendant that felt the wrath of this preggo lady one afternoon.

I was on the way home from work and needed gas.  I stopped at a gas station and got out of the car.  Sounds simple enough but getting out of the car was NOT easy.  I swiped my card, and prepared to pump the gas but the pump was not working.  SO- I got back in the car- getting angry.  I drove around to a different pump.  Got OUT of the car again….and the same thing happened.  That pump wasn’t working either.  By this time I was SO mad!  I walked (waddled) inside and asked the attendant why the pump wasn’t working and he said ‘Oh, we are out of regular, would you like premium?’  My reply was ‘NO!’ and I just turned and walked out.  I was FUMING!  Couldn’t they have put a sign on the pump before this pregnant lady got in and out of the car multiple times?!?

31 weeks. Yes, 9 weeks to go....it was a long 9 weeks.


I would do it all again (and hope to!), but I think I will enjoy my pain and nausea free time for a little bit longer before trying for baby #2!


How about it Mammas?  Do you REALLY remember what it was like to be pregnant?

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  • Maggie says:

    Well aren’t those cute pictures! Yeah.. You might want to recuperate a little longer…;). One thing is for sure, baby #2 will be different, but probably still uncomfortable!

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