What Do Your Pins Say About You?

Wednesday , 3, October 2012 4 Comments

This will be the first of three posts where we, (the PSMB contributors that currently use pinterest), analyze one another by looking at each other’s pins.  If you think you know a person, spend a few minutes looking through their Pinterest Boards.  You just might learn something new.



Liz’s pinterest boards can only be described with one phrase ‘Out of control!’  Seriously, she currently has 50 boards and  7,752 pins…and I don’t think she plans on stopping any time soon.  The number of pins does not surprise me though, because I think she accomplishes about 7,752 tasks each day.  Liz is a do-er if I have ever known one, and gets more done each day than I do in a week. Liz always looks put together so I was surprised to find that she only has 2 boards devoted to her personal appearance: Fashion and Beauty, and Fitness.  By looking through her boards, I can see that she is very involved in her community.  Upward cheerleading, women’s ministries, and being a true ‘Southern girl’  are all evident in her pinning.  She is crafty AND thrifty and has a board for almost every holiday and season.  She has a board for each member of her family as well…Yes, not only doe she have an ‘All About Riley’ (her 5 year old daughter) board, she also has one for her hubby, although I am pretty sure he has recently joined pinterest himself.

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Julie is somewhat of a minimalist (in a good way!) and I can see that in her Pinterest Boards. We know from some of Julies previous posts that she is into cooking healthy meals for her family and that she likes planning great activities for her kids  and she has many pins that help her do just that. I love her ‘Tryin’ to be fashionable’ board.  She needs to give herself more credit, but that is so Julie.  She does a good job being fashionable and even though she only has 2 pins in her ‘fitness’ board, I know she has been getting her workout on!  She is very involved in Big Sister’s school experience and has the pins to prove it.  Her ‘Kindergarten Year’ board has pins about teaching shy students, after school snacks, and how to be the best room mom.  If you want a good laugh, visit Julie’s ‘Lovin’ it’ board where she has collected many of those e-cards that have been circulating, and they are hilarious.  I found myself laughing out loud at a lot of Julie’s pins, because of the comment she writes about the content.  Julie is funny.  If you aren’t her friend on Facebook you are missing out.  She has excellent status updates.  (oops this is a Pinterest post!).  Anyway, Julie might not have as many pins as Liz, but the ones she does have speak volumes about what is important to her.

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So…What do your Pins say about you?

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  • Julie says:

    Well, you know how to make a girl blush, that’s for sure!

  • Liz says:

    Thank you Rachel. That was so sweet and well written! I can’t wait to analyze yours!

  • […] I have to pick on Liz for just a second. In the 12 days since Rachel did her post, Liz has added 103 pins for a grand total of 7,855 pins! Dang girl! Like Rachel, I love that […]

  • […] I have to pick on Liz for just a second. In the 12 days since Rachel did her post, Liz has added 103 pins for a grand total of 7,855 pins! Dang girl! Like Rachel, I love that […]

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