What do your pins say about you? Part 2

Tuesday , 16, October 2012 Comments Off on What do your pins say about you? Part 2

This will be the second of three posts where we, (the PSMB contributors that currently use pinterest), analyze one another by looking at each other’s pins.  If you think you know a person, spend a few minutes looking through their Pinterest Boards.  You just might learn something new.



So I have to pick on Liz for just a second. In the 12 days since Rachel did her post, Liz has added 103 pins for a grand total of 7,855 pins! Dang girl! Like Rachel, I love that Liz has a different pinboard for most holidays, as well as one for her husband. I also love her Auburn board. Not only are there lots of Auburn crafts, but there are also lots of sayings and quotes that are unique to our Auburn family. War Eagle! Her “For the Teacher” board is full of great ideas for the kindergarten crowd. Liz”s fitness board is great, too, and I find myself repinning a lot of stuff that goes on that board. Liz is definitely a multi-tasker through and through so if anyone can take those pins and make real things out of them, casino online it”s Liz!



First, I love her “Tried it, Liked It” board! It”s really helpful to know other people”s thoughts and takes on recipes or crafts. I think I can get an “Amen” from the crowd when I say we”re all trying to avoid pintrosities! I also really like that she has a different board of each area of her house vs. one board for crafts for her house. See her Downstairs Bathroom, Kitchen, and Den boards for more ideas. Rachel & her hubby enjoy the DIY aspect of home-ownership and you can tell from the pins on those board. However, I think my favorite is the dessert board…all those doughnuts sure look yummy!

Checked out any of your friend”s pins lately? Do they ring true to the person, or not so much?

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