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I took my most recent dilemma to my girlfriends.  What can Chris, Eli and I all do together?  Before Eli was born, we weren’t crazy party people, but we were able to do whatever we wanted, whenever!  If that meant that we decided to take off and fly to Vegas for a long weekend, we went.  If we wanted to go camping for the weekend, we did that too.  Now, we are a bit more limited in our choice of what to do together.  An impromptu weekend trip requires much more preparation and consideration nowadays.

A trip to Vegas in our 'younger' days. At the Hoover Dam

An impromptu trip to Jekyll Island

I have started to feel a bit stir crazy recently because I ‘stay home’ (of course I attend playdates and take trips to the grocery store!) and when my husband gets home from work, he wants to ‘stay home’ too.  We have even gotten into a pretty consistent rut of ‘staying home’ on the weekends.  Chris likes to ‘watch Eli grow’ as he calls it, and I have to point out that….I ‘watch Eli grow’ all week long! I am ready to get this family of 3 out of this house!  I needed some help coming up with things the 3 of us can do together.

So, at a moms night out last month, I took a poll….and let me tell you, these experienced Mamma’s knew exactly what I needed!

They suggested:

Going to farmers markets

Attend a local festival

Go out to eat: going at a time when Eli can sleep through the meal was a nice suggestion.  We’ll have to see how that one works!

Go for a walk or a hike

Go shopping

Play Tennis- Eli can watch from the stroller on the sidelines!

In short, they suggested doing whatever we would have done before, but take the baby with us.  I don’t want to be that couple that stays holed up at home after having a baby, so I plan to put some of their suggestions into action!

This weekend, we will be going to a local farmers market.  I know it won’t take all day, but it will be nice for all of us to get out in the sunshine! (hopefully it doesn’t rain!)  There is also a master gardener plant sale that we might check out.  I also purchased a used tennis racket and some balls this week.  We have tennis courts in our neighborhood!  I’ll see if I can get hubby to play some tennis with me this weekend as well.

While we might not be taking off for Vegas or the beach any time soon, I am convinced that we can find things that the 3 of us can do–outside the house– together!



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