Welcome Baby Emmett **Birth Story**

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My second (and probably last) child is one month old today.  Which explains my absence from blogging…for the past month or so.  I’m sure you all noticed.  Emmett’s birth story couldn’t be more different from Eli’s.  Read about Eli’s entrance into this world here. We made many decisions about Emmett’s birth based on what we learned from the birth of Eli.

Emmett’s story goes something like this:

36 week ultrasound: possible 8 lb baby

Schedule c-section for 39 weeks

Spend 3 weeks hoping and praying to go into labor

Doesn’t happen

Lost my mind about 38 weeks worrying about everything

Family and friends bring me back to reality

39 week ultrasound: possible 9lb 8oz baby

Decide to go ahead with c-section the next day

Sleep about 6 hours the night before, excited

The next day is a whirlwind

2 hours of surgery prep flies by

Doctor does a last minute ultrasound to check position of baby.  He is head down, she guesses that he is 8 1/2 lbs.

Enter operating room

Epidural goes smoothly.  I feel very comfortable with the team of people taking care of us.

Hubby joins me in the operating room

Dr. Joins us, surgery begins

I feel good, only a bit of nausea

I hear the doctor say…’this is not a small baby

I feel intense pressure on my chest.  They are obviously having trouble getting him out.

After a few more moments, baby Emmett peaks at me over the curtain and begins to cry

He doesn’t look like his brother

He is whisked over to be cleaned off and measured.  Hubby goes with him

Hubby comes back to tell me that he is 9lbs 80z and 21 inches long.

Dr. was wrong

I am so happy to hear my baby crying

Hubby goes with Emmett to the nursery for first bath, etc.

Dr.  finishes the surgery and I am moved to a different bed and wheeled out to the recovery area

I’m the only patient in the recovery area.  It is very quiet.  peaceful

I eat some ice chips

Hoping Emmett isn’t having trouble breathing like Eli did

Nurse calls down to nursery and finds out  baby is ‘grunting’ a little.  They should be joining me soon

Hubby and Emmett come to recovery area and I get to hold my baby for the first time

Try to get him to nurse.  He latches just fine

We’re all taken to our postpartum room

I can’t talk about Emmett’s birth without thinking about how different it was from Eli’s.  It was quite a different experience to have a scheduled c-section.  It was also totally different not having a NICU stay.  Emmett was in the room with us from the very beginning.  Breastfeeding was more successful right away.  The two experiences were night and day.

I enjoyed my time at the hospital so much.  I loved getting the chance to hang out with my new baby and husband knowing Eli was in good hands with his Nana and Papa.  I have no complaints about our stay and would recommend the Newnan Piedmont hospital to anyone having a baby in the near future.




Here is Emmett 9 days old.  Baby model?  Maybe.  Picture by Giggles and Grins by Brittney York

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