Weight Loss Wednesday

Wednesday , 16, November 2011 Leave a comment

Blast from my Weight Loss past:

“I don’t know where you are putting it but you can’t carry around that kind of weight.”

My real last straw with my weight was my back.  I used to pull muscles in high school during gymnastics season.  But this time I’d pulled a muscle from bending over to pick up a purse.  8 weeks later, it hadn’t healed and I went in to see the doctor.  You can’t carry around that kind of weightThat was really the only thing wrong with my back.  I had to use a rolling backpack around campus.  I started to worry.  My body is struggling with my current weight.  What happens when I get pregnant?  Am I even going to be able to get out of bed?

Challenges this week:  Daughters birthday, in-laws visiting, I am sick

Success this week:  3 mile walk , writing down what I ate

This wasn’t the hit it with a bang sort of week I was hoping for.  Life sort of ran me over.  I had a really great week (except for the sick part).  I cringed a LOT when I would write down what I ate.  I did write it down though.  So I know where I have been and where I am lacking.   And I learned – I have GOT TO GET RID OF THE LEFTOVER HALLOWEEN CANDY.

My weigh in day is actually Saturday, so at this point I can only tell you that – with 2 days under my belt, I was down .4 pounds.  I was pretty surprised to be down at all.  This Saturday…we’ll just see.

Goals for the coming week:

  • Eat better!   I am nursing and I am hungry ALL the time.  I know that making good choices will help with that (more fruits and veggies + lean protein), but I am finding it hard to plan.  I’d like to hit my 8 fruit and veggies servings/day this week.
  • Send my husbands co-workers the leftover Halloween candy.  For some reason I have no problem not eating my daughters candy.  It’s her candy.  But we had leftover OTHER candy.  Whoops.
  • Get ready for Turkey Day 5K!  I wasn’t going to talk about this until NEXT Wednesday, but that is the day before Thanksgiving, and I want some of you to join me walking this 5K, and online registration is open until next Tuesday.  Walking a 5K is a fabulous Thanksgiving tradition, and a great way to start out your holiday.  Check back next Wednesday to hear more about my past experience at this 5K.  Maybe I can still convince you to come try it out….

Until next week!

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