Weight Loss Wednesday: Try Try Again

Wednesday , 25, January 2012 1 Comment

Blast from my weight loss past:

My roommate took me to her step aerobics class to try it out.  It was hard work!  I didn’t know what half the moves were!   Did I mention it was hard?  And who really wants to do this for a workout?? Okay, who wants to workout at all, but really? This?

Fast forward 10 years and where will you find me if I have my choice of workouts?  In step aerobics!  Huffing, sweating but keeping up with the steps.  A lady from church watched me in a double step class (unbeknownst to me until later) and said – “You didn’t miss a step!”

I was thinking about this two weeks ago as I watched half the people in my row and the row behind me leave step aerobics part way through.  Most of them were even doing an okay job of keeping up and it wasn’t a beginner class.

I’ve been there.  I’ve been in classes where I can’t keep up, or I’m totally lost on the moves, or I make a few mistakes.  Only one time have I ever left, and I was with a friend who was new to step aerobics.  (I have left step class because I was pregnant and started to feel like I might vomit.  I figure this is excused) What I do know is this:  if you leave, you’ll never get it.

Two years ago I took my first spin class.  I sweat buckets of calories, but when I left I thought to myself “I really don’t know if I’m ever going to do spin class EVER again.”  But I went back the next week, and then decided to make spin class part of my weekly routine.

My personal rule about trying a new exercise (class) is this:  You have to try it at least twice before you decide if you really hate it.  I’ve stuck to this and found other exercise I never thought I would enjoy.  Take this rule with you when you are testing our a new exercise class or type of workout.  If you really don’t like it at all, toss it and find something new!

I need to apply this try try again mentality to my current weight loss efforts…more on that soon!

Have you found a love for exercise you didn’t know existed? 

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One Comment
  • Rachel says:

    Ummmm….I have totally been that person that left the step class because I couldn’t get all the steps. For me, any type of exercise takes some major will power, because I really don’t like it! I do like how I feel afterward though. I will have to take your advice from now on, and stick it out a couple times before I decide to throw in the towel. Thanks for your inspiring words!!

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