Weight Loss Wednesday: Rachel’s Travel Tips

Tuesday , 31, January 2012 1 Comment

This week I will be traveling to Texas.  That means LONG hours in the car and eating on the road.  In the past I looked forward to road trips because I looked forward to the fast food and gas station goodies.  Now, I still look forward to road trips, but my eating habits on the road have changed.  Here are my top 5 ‘eating while traveling’ tips:

1.  Pack your first meal– Take a cooler of food that you can eat for your first meal.  This eliminates needing to navigate the fast food or gas station menu one time.  Getting off to a healthy start can motivate me to keep making healthy choices.

2. Pack HEALTHY snacks–A no-brainer right? I guess the other important part is that you actually EAT the healthy snacks.  Pack things that you actually like.  I know that I won’t eat baby carrots, so I don’t pack them anymore.  Fruit, crackers, yogurt (when I’m not going dairy free), and water are all things I take with me on road trips nowadays.

3. Treat yourself–I don’t expect anyone to drive halfway across the country and NOT have something unhealthy….so pack the healthy snacks, and reward yourself with a treat from a convenience store somewhere along the way.

4. Have one really yummy meal– Same idea as #3.  Give yourself one special meal that you will really enjoy.  Chances are, it won’t be the healthiest option, but treating yourself can keep you from going overboard at every meal.

5. Get in some exercise– I plan to walk as much as possible on this road trip.  In this case, the weather is supposed to be great, and the people I am going to visit will be supportive of my desire to stay active.  Sight seeing on foot is a great way to stay active while on the road.

This week I lost .6lbs, just over a half a pound….not the result I was hoping for, but still heading in the right direction.  I am still struggling to get enough exercise in, so I plan to hit it hard when I get back from my trip.

Sometimes reminding myself of the weight-loss success I have had encourages me to stay strong.  Here is a picture of me before trying to lose weight in 2006.  I have done it before….I know I can do it again!!

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