Weight Loss Wednesday: Reward Yourself

Wednesday , 4, January 2012 Leave a comment

*Official holiday recap: well maybe upping my goal was a little unrealistic after all!  I did some up and down and up and down and…pretty much maintained my 2 pound loss for the holidays.  I’ll take it.  🙂

I’m back!  And I’d be willing to bet -so are you!!

After all it’s the New Year!  It’s resolution time!  For a lot of us that means I’m dropping these pounds for good.  I’ll be honest.  Losing weight isn’t my new years resolution.  It’s my after pregnancy resolution that began two months ago (for those of you that have been following along!).  I still haven’t picks a New Years resolution.  This is more of a “whole life” resolution!

Losing weight through the holidays is hard.  Losing weight after a baby while getting used to two children is hard.  Losing weight as a stay at home mom is hard.    Are you noticing a pattern?  Losing weight presents challenges for anyone in any situation.  We all have behaviors we need to change.  It can be hard.

So when we reach our goals we need to be rewarded!   But these rewards need to be carefully thought about.  Food rewards for weight loss success are counter-productive.  What did we see on The Biggest Loser last season?  It can take months to form a new good habit (when it comes to eating).  It takes about one week to derail those efforts by reverting to old habits.  So we can’t let our rewards derail us!

I’ve been thinking about what I would like for rewards and this is what I decided.  I’m getting new socks.  That’s right.  All of my socks are boring white or black socks.  For every five pounds I lose I am picking out a new pair of socks!  Awesome colorful socks!  When I lose 5% of my weight I’m getting a new book.  10%: I’m getting an afternoon out/girls day/spa day and when I reach my goal I’m getting some new clothes!

So as you start thinking about your weight loss goals, how will you reward yourself as you make progress?  Write it down, share it here.  And lets get to it!

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