Weight Loss Wednesday

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Blast from my weight loss past:

I took aerobics classes for three months.  I lost 5 pounds.  In three months.  So after talking to Alison (see Weight Loss Wednesday part 4)  I decided I was going to go join Weight Watchers.  Back then they had a student rate and my mom even offered to pay for me to go.  So at the end of March (2004) I finally made my first meeting.  I went home and decided to figure out how many POINTS I had eaten the day before (you get assigned a daily target on WW)…I had met my daily target by the time lunch was over.  Oh.  It was an eye opener as to how much I was eating, and where the real problem with my weight was.  I started following the plan.  I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks.  3 months vs 2 weeks.  I know which one I prefer.

Down 1.2!  I’ve already met my goal for December, which was 2 pounds! I’m at 2.8.  I’m terrified to do it but I know I need a new goal.  I’m thinking 5 pounds down by December 31st (last weigh in for 2011!).  Not feeling very confident but…I think that’s what I am going to do!

It is different losing weight as a college student then a working person and a working person as a stay at home mom.  I’ve been in weight loss mode in all of these situations.  I find stay at home mom has it’s own brand of difficult because I am with my kitchen all day long.  And I am a stress eater – so if I butt heads with my little Princess I just want to stuff my face with chocolate.

Recently I was reading about some fitness and meal plans on a website called Moms Into Fitness – which I learned about from a set of DVD’s I bought at Target while pregnant.  After reading the meal plan, I picked up a few tips to help me with my eating.

 – Drink water, drink water, drink water.  Before and during meals.  And hey, I need to do that breastfeeding anyway!

Sit down while eating.  Fight mindless eating!

Only eat during designated meal and snack times

Chew your food! In other words, eat slowly 🙂

Some other thoughts I had

Make some substitutions:  We have switched to ground turkey instead of ground beef in the past.  We like tacos, spaghetti and meals with ground meat around here, so making it healthier is a must.  I’m not so fond of ground chicken though…

 – Bulk it up:  I was doing a mini -marathon cooking session last week where I cooked up and divided our ground meat into baggies and labeled with which meal (taco/spaghetti/lasagna/shepherds pie etc).  I got the idea from this site.  When I looked at her pictures I realized how much OTHER good stuff was in her meat.  Onions, peppers, shredded carrots – at LEAST as much of these things as meat.  So I made sure to throw these into my meat.  They are low cal, add nutrition AND flavor!  Lots of bonuses.  Then, plan to bulk it up some more during cooking!  I’m using less meat and throwing beans into our tacos, shredded zucchini into our lasagna – you get the idea

 – Control your environment!  Knowing that I am an emotional eater, I try not to have goodies staring me in the face for those moments I feel ready to pull my hair out and just want to grab some food.  It usually works for me to have them on top of the cabinets (high ceilings!) or in the freezer.  But if that doesn’t work, get them out of your place!

Do you have a favorite trick to help control your eating habits?


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