Weight Loss Wednesday

Wednesday , 30, November 2011 2 Comments

Blast from my weight loss past:

“I’ve lost 50 pounds.” my friend Alison told me after I complimented her on her appearance when we found each other in our Nutrition class (Ironic?).  I asked her what she thought of Weight Watchers and she said she loved it.  After all, 50 pounds gone?  Wow.

Well.  If you get anything out of following me for the last few weeks I hope it is that even if you don’t get off to a great start you can still be successful in the end.

Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Up one pound from my first weigh in.  I did fine with Thanksgiving dinner.  It was the desert plate and the day after Thanksgiving that really did me in.  I had no plan for Friday.  And I didn’t have much food at home.  And we were sick again.  And I didn’t want to go out during Black Friday for food. Enter Pizza Hut.  Oh well.

My first weight loss experience was me as a newlywed finishing college.  I was on a schedule.  Since I became a stay at home mom, I have a much harder time making it happen.  I’m not as good at sticking to my plan – oh wait – what plan?  I have a harder time planning my meals and sticking to it as a stay at home mom.  After all, I’m walking through my kitchen 10 times a day.  And potty training = 6 cookies a day minimum (yes that is me, stress eater).

So I’ve been thinking about two things.  The first:  I need a plan. I had a plan for the first 5 days, but not after.  I like some variety, but I can handle eating the same two breakfasts all week long.  Same deal for lunch.  If I know what I’m getting for breakfasts, lunches and snacks I can have my variety for dinner.  This morning, I’m pre-planning the week.  And maybe next week too.  Weight Watchers uses food journaling/tracking for a reason.  It’s time I got serious about it!  (I’m also considering getting a Groupon for E-Mealz, they have a weight loss version…)

Second: I need a realistic goal for the holiday season.  What is realistic for me?  I know I’ve got a church party this weekend, a preschool party in two weeks and a work party in three.  That is do-able right? Maybe it is the MOST realistic to say, I’ll stay the same over the holidays.  But this is a weight loss series and really – I’m in it to lose some weight! So I’m going to say, down two pounds by Christmas.  (So who is out there thinking, that’s it??)  But it’s realistic for me and allows some room for up and down through the month.  I hope I don’t need it.

Where are you sitting after Thanksgiving?

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  • Rachel says:

    I hear you on ALL accounts. My first weightloss experience was before children. Yes, I thought I was busy then, but at least all I had to worry about was me and my husband. I won’t be cleared to start ‘dieting’ for another few weeks, but your thoughts about planning have me thinking I should start making a plan, even if I don’t start following it to a ‘T’ until later. 2 lbs by Christmas? You can do it!!

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