Weight Loss Wednesday

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Blast from my weight loss past:

“I ran today, so I’m going to eat that cookie. Okay, maybe I’ll eat two.”

I was a gymnast in Jr. High and High School and I hated conditioning. Gymnastics was fun but conditioning was hard! So, when I got to college I had really warped ideas about exercise. I didn’t want to “exercise” ever again really. Couple that with the freedom to drink juice with every meal and buy ice cream and pizza at 11pm at the dorm cafe and you get the idea where my freshmen 30 came from.

My first serious stab at losing weight consisted of aerobics 5 days a week. (At least I had discovered I actually liked aerobics!) After two weeks of pounding on my legs I got shin splints and had to actually start yoga and pilates to take the stress off. Interestingly, that is when I finally started to lose weight. It was still only 5 pounds in the course of 3 months.

Fast forward to today:

Maybe you’ll think it’s crazy I’m talking exercise the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING, but I think it’s the perfect time. I’ve learned in the last 7 years that it takes a lot of exercise to burn off a little bit of food. So if you think two – one hour walks over Thanksgiving weekend is going to offset stuffing yourself with turkey and pie, think again.

However, doing something active, particularly on Thanksgiving morning can be a great way to start your holiday. I remember the first time I finished a 5k. I felt like the healthiest person on earth. Meeting a challenge like this can help you remember your eating goals the rest of the day.

Some of the things I try to do on Thanksgiving include:

  • Don’t go into the meal starving. Have a sensible morning meal.
  • Don’t stuff myself. Pay extra attention to what my stomach is feeling
  • Choose foods I don’t normally eat the rest of year first
  • I don’t eat anything I don’t really like ( for me that means stuffing )
  • Remember there will probably be leftovers
  • My favorite WW leaders rule for filling your plate: Make islands not continents (leave space between each item on your plate!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Make it a day you feel great about!

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