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**Please enjoy this post from our guest blogger Shola Olori.  More information about her can be found at the end of this post.


Many of us fail to drink adequate amounts of it everyday and even though we have been told that we are to drink at least 8 glasses a day or the equivalent of half our body weight in ounces, we replace water with sodas, teas, coffees, juices among other drinks that can never replace or compare to the need and the advantages of drinking water. That clear skin and health that we long for begins with water.

Water –The all round miracle drink that can do wonders for your health. It is an essential component to keep every body part ticking. It’s God’s divine delivery system. It takes nutrients to the cells and removes waste.

The presence of water throughout history has been life-giving and strategic.

An increased healthy water intake, will greatly enhance digestion, nutrient absorption, skin hydration, detoxification, prevents dehydration, and virtually every aspect of better health.

The body can technically do without food for 3 days but if the body does not have water for the

same number of days, it becomes dehydrated and can lead to many different ailments, because a major cause for issues within the body is dehydration.

The body should be kept hydrated at all times by drinking at least half the body weight

in ounces daily.


A time that water is even more important is during pregnancy. It acts as a delivery system, transporting blood efficiently through the body system.

As a cleanser, removing toxins from the body system. Reducing infections.


5 reasons to drink water (Lots of it)

1.Helps against Headaches:

The brain is one of the places that feels the shortage of water, because three quarters of the brain is water. Drinking lots of water will re-hydrate the brain.

If the headache is caused by alcohol, drinking lots of water, particularly before bed, will help get rid of it by flushing out the toxins.

2.Reduces Cystitis:

Not drinking enough water will hinder the elimination of waste which is signified by darker highly concentrated urine. And waste products linger in the bladder, which can lead to cystitis and bladder infections. But a healthy hydrated body removes waste with light yellow virtually odorless urine.

3.Prevents Fluid Retention:

The body senses that there is a shortage and begins to retain every drop of water it needs for vital daily processes if the body does not get enough water.

The best treatment for reducing fluid retention when you are feeling puffy, as women often do before their monthly cycle is drinking water.

4.Keeps Bowels Healthy:

The contents of the colon, (lower intestine) can dry out and get stuck without water, eventually causing diverticulitis. Because water is needed push out “waste”, constipation can also become a problem without it. Drinking water along with taking in water from fruits and vegetables, helps to rehydrate this waste.

5.Keeps Breath Clean:

Saliva helps cleanse the teeth of bacteria and keeps the tongue hydrated. Lack of water dries out the mouth, leads to furry tongue and prevents bacteria from being washed away, which can cause halitosis.

Bad breath is a sign that you need to increase your water intake.


Another tip is to start your day in the morning with good hydration by drinking two 8oz glass of water right after getting out of bed because the body has been in a fasting mode while sleeping.


Water is a vital component to overall well being. So as we start the new year resolve to increase your water intake!

About our Guest Blogger

Shola Olori has a diploma in Food Engineering Technology and Processing and has worked in various related industries including Breweries Quality Control Laboratory and also in a water treatment plant. She has a passion for health and wellness. She has spent several years researching extensively on the effects of processed foods, natural foods and water on the body.

She is currently an independent distributor for a few of health and wellness companies and also does various speaking engagements. She is pursuing a certification in Holistic Nutrition. Mrs. Olori resides in Lake-Spivey, Georgia with her husband and has three adult children.

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