Valentine’s Day Pottery Craft

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I was shopping the dollar section of Target the other day and ran across the cutest little clay pots. They are little strawberry planting kits and I thought they would make the perfect valentine for the Goober to give to his classmates at his Mom’s Morning Out program. They turned out so cute I thought I would share a brief tutorial so you guys could make some too.

To start, I picked out the colors I wanted to use from my craft paint stores and removed the paper wrappers and seed packets from the pots. I chose to hand-paint the pots because that’s the paint I had on hand, but if I had had spray paint in cute colors, that route would have been a lot faster.

Next I enlisted the help of an adorable and enthusiastic toddler and set to work making fingerprint hearts all around the pots. The Goober loves getting his hands painted. I sealed the pots with a coat of mod podge and once dry, put the seed packets back in and cut the paper wrapper so it just displayed what type of plant it was and the growing directions. I also picked up a $1 packet of felt heart stickers and attached those to the directions so that it looked like a heart is growing out of the pot. A cellophane treat bag and a paper tag completed the packaging and the Goober’s valentines are ready and waiting to be handed out on Valentine’s Day.

fingerprint valentine pottery

valentine strawberry plant pots

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