Valentine Craft. Heart Animals.

Monday , 13, February 2012 1 Comment

I saw this cute craft in a Big Backyard magazine and knew it would be great to do with my kids. It’s super easy, uses materials we have on hand and the kids had fun thinking of animals to make! All you have to do is cut hearts out of construction paper and glue them together to create adorable animals.


Construction paper


Glue stick


1. Fold and cut construction paper to make large and small hearts. I was able to cut 4-6 large hearts and 4-6 small hearts per piece of construction paper.

2. Glue large hearts together to create the body of the animal, then glue on small hearts for ears, tails, feet, fins etc.

3. Use crayons and/or markers to add eyes, nose, mouth etc. to your animal.

We made bunnies, fish and ladybugs. You could also make a turtle, lion, butterfly…..let your imagination run wild!

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  • Maggie says:

    Those are so cute! I saw a bunch of those animals up at my daughters preschool! We might have to do this (tomorrow?) next year!

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