Tying Up Loose Ends

Friday , 29, June 2012 Leave a comment

I thought I would take an opportunity to report on some previous posts.  I know you have been sitting in the edge of your seat waiting to hear what carseat I chose, and if i lost the baby weight by my goal date! So, here goes!


House Hunting— We closed on our first house on Wednesday!  I am currently moving all my stuff to my new house in the 100 degree Atlanta heat.  Our house hunting process was fast!  But let me say that no matter how quick the process, it will probably be an emotional roller coaster.  You will not like the sellers of the house you are trying to buy.  They want to get the most out of their house without having to put much money or effort into fixing it, and you want their house in pristine condition for dirt cheap.  They won’t want to give in to your demands.  Even if all you want is a fully functional air conditioner.

Home Sweet Home!!

Carseat— We went with the Evenflo Triumph LX.  We took Eli to the store and set him in a few models and then took the one we liked the most out to the car to see if it fit.  All things considered I am happy with our choice.  I was not prepared with how sad I would be to see the infant carseat stage pass.  He looks like such a big boy in his new carseat!  I can’t turn around in my car and see Eli’s little head bobbing around anymore.  I fixed that problem by purchasing a suction cup mirror to put in the back window.  I better get a thicker skin…many more changes are coming, I know!

Baby Weight— Yes, I reached my goal.  No, I am still not happy with the way my body looks post pregnancy.  Stretch marks aside, my weight is distributed differently than it was pre-baby.  I am sure most of the mammas out there are nodding their heads.  I know it is common, but I would like to try to tighten my tummy a bit.  We’ll see how that goes.

Baby sleeping through the night— After all of the advice I received about trying to get Eli to sleep through the night, I decided to let it happen naturally.  I was not ready to let him cry himself to sleep.  I still nurse him about once a night.  He sleeps in 4-5 hour chunks.  I can handle that!


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