Toys I hate

Thursday , 29, December 2011 Leave a comment

When I was 12 or 13 my cousin (who was the same age) and I were in his sisters room (she was 4 or 5).  Stuff mighta happened and somehow or other…we broke her Barney doll.  And by “broke”  I mean he wouldn’t turn off. He just kept singing. “Ahhh!”  We screamed “Make it stop!”  This is the first time I remember really not liking a toy.

I’ve done really well as my princess has gone through toys.  I never got tired of her Fisher Price activity table because the songs were cute and it kept her busy!  In fact it was only recently that I’ve found myself REALLY wanting to hide some toys. I want to hide her puppet monkeys that I MADE because I don’t want to play “monkey eats banana” ANY MORE.  Or Hello Kitty birthday party.  Or Bob the Builder.

My most recent toy that I find myself wanting to drive to Goodwill are her Bella Sara Chibis that she found at Target.  They are pretty and the way she calls the unicorn- moonicorn- makes us laugh.  But urgh!   I hate them!  Alright, maybe it’s not them so much.  I hate sitting down to play “chase my moonicorn” for an hour.  Being told by my four year old that I’m doing it wrongFinding the pieces ALL OVER MY HOUSE.  The ones Mr. Little Man will be trying to eat in a few more months.

So I’m wondering if anyone else wants to dump dancing Elmo in the dumpster?  What Christmas gifts are giving you regret?

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