Top 5 Reasons I'm decluttering my house this week

Tuesday , 3, July 2012 5 Comments

You all know by now my love of organization. But I”ll let my secret out now: As much as I love to be organized, I”m not always so great at the follow through.

So, I”m on a declutter & “put things back where they go” mission this week. We spent the first 5 years of our marriage in apartments, and I felt like I was constantly having to make do with the little space we had. Along the way I became something of a minimalist, and that mentality has stuck with me even though we are in a bigger house now. There are a million blog posts & websites with the “how-to”s” of decluttering, so I thought I”d just give my spin on the why.


1) Because I”d rather spend my Spring Cleaning time outside!

Ah, Spring Cleaning. Oh, wait a second, who actually wants to be cleaning when it”s beautiful weather outside? I do a whole house declutter twice a year, and it”s always in July & December-the times of year that we can”t be outside all day to the extreme temperatures. Oh, and, the fact that my kids birthdays are in the late summer and Christmas is in December might have something to do with it, too. Let”s just say they have 4 sets of grandparents who spoil them rotten with toys. You get the idea.



2) Because Pinterest really is a useful tool

Like Rachel, I try not to pin stuff that I won”t actually use. I”ve seen a few ideas that seem easy enough for my husband & I to DIY, so I”m going to add it to the honey-do list as I go through each room.  Just some ideas are making a chalkboard on the wall in the playroom, creating a spice rack on our pantry door, and making a memento box for each kid.

3) Because I need a game plan for the kids fall wardrobes!

<a title="Shifting Gears for Buying online casino dgfev Kids Clothes” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>I”ve already talked about how my buying ahead doesn”t work for my big kid”s wardrobe anymore. I do, however, like to have a list for each kid of the things they need and go ahead and get rid of the stuff they outgrew this summer. Or in Little Brother”s case, the stuff that is too stained to save…..why are little boys so messy?

4) Because I like to pay it forward

Since I try to declutter twice a year (and not go crazy shopping in the meantime) I rarely have enough stuff for a yard sale by myself. I usually donate our stuff to Goodwill or an appropriate resource (Pregnancy Resource Center for all the outgrown baby items) and if it”s something I think I can easily sell, I just post an ad on Craigslist or on my facebook wall.

5) Because I never want to be on an episode of Hoarders

I think that speaks for itself!

What about you? Do you like to declutter your house from time to time? Or am I the only crazy one out there? 🙂

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  • Kim says:

    I love to declutter!! Our garage is the worst because that’s where we stick everything for the someday yard sale we are going to get around to having. Since we’ve been together we’ve only lived in a house with plenty of room to accumulate crap and before we moved here we were in a neighborhood that didn’t allow yard sales. So now that we are here we are trying to gather up 7 years worth of stuff we need to get rid of!! I’ve also posted bigger stuff on craigslist to sell and on freecycle when I didn’t really think it was worth the effort of selling but hated to throw away. I love freecycle!!! People will come and take anything off your hands!!

  • Linda Jones says:

    Good advice for everyone even if we don’t have little ones at home anymore. It’s crazy the amount of “stuff” 2 people can accumulate in such a short time!

  • Rachel says:

    I could write the same thing and title it ‘Top 5 reasons I SHOULD be decluttering my house this week!’ But seriously, it is nice to think of the ‘why’ sometimes. Putting some reasoning behind the not-so-fun tasks reminds us why they NEED to be done!

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