Toilet Paper Roll Art

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I had a problem.  I bought a house.  Then, I wanted to decorate the house, but the funds were pretty much used up in the whole ‘bought a house’ thing.  So, I started looking for cheap (read, free) ways to decorate my new house.  I shared my budget bathroom makeover here.  Well, the house had plenty of empty wall space that I just had to fill with something cute.  So when I found a toilet paper roll art pin on Pinterest, I was definitely interested.  Yes, toilet paper rolls can be beautiful! (and are Free!) Problem solved!

I started collecting toilet paper rolls, which took quite a while.  You can also use paper towel rolls, but I pretty much stopped buying those when I switched to cloth napkins.  Anyway, I had quite a few toilet paper rolls collected and started to assemble the supplies for my project.  I got together my scissors, gluegun, and TP rolls.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret here.  I am not a ‘measure it out’ kind of girl.  Probably because I am impatient and would rather cut, paste, and ask questions later.  So, when the tutorial suggested that I measure and mark the size I would like my TP roll rings to be, I decided I would just eyeball it.  Turns out, eyeballing it worked well for this project.  Disclaimer: Sometimes eyeballing it does NOT work all that well.

After I cut all of my TP rings, I started gluing them together in a star pattern and worked my way outward in a circle until I was out of rings.  Then, I decided the project wasn’t quite done, so I had to wait until I had more TP rolls.  In the mean time, I purchased a can of maroon-ish spray paint, which is the only cost involved in this project.  After a few more sessions of gluing TP rings together, It was time to give my project some color.  I took it outside and applied a liberal coat of maroon spray paint.  I let it dry for a couple hours outdoors and then hung it on one of my blank walls inside.  I am not sure if this is where it will stay, or if I will find this piece of ‘artwork’ a new home.  I am planning a gallery wall in the stairway and might incorporate it there somehow.

TP roll art pre-spray paint


TP roll art after spray paint


Prettying up a blank wall

What type of materials do you use for low budget home decor?  I could use another project!


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