Toddler Restaurant Busy Bag

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Last weekend we entertained my 10 year old nephew who was visiting from out of town.  We had a great time and decided to wrap up his stay with us by going to IHOP.  We got up Saturday morning and off we went.  I decided not to take the whole diaper bag (what a pain) and just brought a smaller pouch with a diaper and some wipes.  After going out to the car to retrieve his sippy cup, and exhausting the 3 crayons that came with the kids menu, I found myself wishing I HAD brought the whole diaper bag.  There’s always something in there I can use to entertain Eli, but I just hate lugging the thing in and out of every establishment we frequent.  Later that day my husband and I came up with a great idea.  Why not have a smaller bag with only the items essential for entertaining a kid at a restaurant in it ready to go at a moments notice?  I know it isn’t an original idea but it is something we haven’t yet started.  We chatted about what should go in the ‘restaurant bag’ and this is what we came up with.

1. An empty sippy cup- This always works better than whatever cup they give us at a restaurant.

2. Some wet wipes (the individually packaged ones are great!)

3. A few crayons and paper or a small coloring book

4. A bib

5. A snack-  You never know how long the food is going to take

6. A couple diapers

7. Some small books (the ones that come in the Chick fil a kids meal are perfect!)


Now that we have all of these items in a bag and ready to go, we won’t be caught off guard at a restaurant again!  What would you put in your Restaurant Busy Bag?


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