Tips for Surviving the CRCTs

Wednesday , 16, April 2014 1 Comment

Tips for Surviving the CRCT pic

They happen each and every year.  The mere mention of the acronym strikes fear into the hearts of parents and children alike.  And they’re right around the corner.

Are you ready for them?

They are the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests  (cue the “dun, dun, dun” music) and they begin next week.

As scary and nerve-wracking as these standardized tests are, I have found some tips for making sure that the week of the CRCTs goes smoothly and is stress-free.

The Georgia Department of Education offers the following suggestions in order to make CRCT week a breeze for your child and for you:

* Encourage your child to employ good study

and test-taking skills. These skills include

following directions carefully, avoiding

careless errors, and reviewing work.

* Explain the purpose of the tests. The CRCTs

give students an opportunity to show what

they have learned in school. They also give

teachers information that helps them plan


* Let your child know that you consider the

tests important and that your child should try

his or her best.

* Point out that some items may be more

difficult than others and that some material

may be new to your child.

*  Reassure your child that there will be ample

time to take the tests and that it is okay if he

or she does not know all the answers.

Be certain your child enjoys plenty of sleep

and has a good, nourishing breakfast and

lunch. Taking tests is hard work for many

students and can require a lot of energy.

Be certain your child is at school on time.

Rushing and worrying about being late could

affect performance on the tests.

* Remember to ask your child about the testing

at the end of each day.

source:  Georgia Department of Education

There are a few things that help our family during the most stressful time of the school year:

* I let the kids choose their breakfasts for the week.  The more excited they are about their choice of breakfast, the easier it will be to get them up and at ’em each morning.

* Even though everything stops at school during the CRCTs, sports don’t stop.  We try to cut back on practices so that the kids can get lots of rest.  It’s ok to miss practice every now and then.

* We try not to let them stress out about the tests.  We remind them how “they’ve got this” and that they will succeed.  We do ask about the tests each day, but in an encouraging way.  We want them to have confidence in their abilities.

* Our elementary school is hosting a super-great Spring Fling on the last day of the tests.  This is a great way to motivate all of the kids to do their best on the tests.  It will also be great fun for mom and dad!

In the end, the CRCTs are another brick along the path of student life.  Hopefully, these tips will help foster a more positive CRCT experience for children in Georgia.

Do you have any tips for the week of CRCTs?

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  • Sara M Wieda says:

    Kids have standardized testing every single year?! I’m starting to get a clearer picture on why so many people are pushing back against this. When I went to school, it was fourth grade, eighth grade, tenth grade, and then the (optional) SAT and ACT. How much do public school kids learn any more that is outside of the standardized test if it happens yearly?

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