Tips for Surviving Morning Sickness

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Happy New Year!

Morning Sickness

Like I mentioned in my last post, I am currently 13 weeks pregnant (today!) with baby #3. While I”ve experienced some pretty bad morning sickness with my other 2 pregnancies, I have to say this one may take the cake-I”ve never had to get IV fluids with the other 2 from dehydration, but that”s exactly where I wound up a few weeks ago. So, I do like to think I”ve got some experience under my belt in this particular area.

1) Rest, rest, rest!

When I found out I was pregnant the first thing I did was look up some tips on easing morning sickness. All of them said that rest is key, and I have to vouch for that-the nights I haven”t slept well, or didn”t get enough sleep, were followed by days where I pretty much camped out in the bathroom. Take advantage of early bedtimes, late wake up times, and get in a good nap if you can. I know that”s hard when many of us have older little ones around, but let this be one time you don”t feel mommy guilt for letting them watch too much TV or play too many iPad games. You may also want to invest in a sleep mask. My husband actually bought one because he works shift work, but he wound up not liking it. I used it and it”s been very helpful to help me to sleep in (I”m usually up with the sun, if I”m not getting up early for the big kid during school) and it”s also helped me take naps in the daytime.

2) Accept help

My husband has been fantastic during all of this, and has picked up my slack as much as he can when he”s not at work. But like I mentioned before, he works shift work, and there”s about a 36 hour period each week where he”s in, out, or sleeping-and sometimes those happen to be the days that I can barely hold my head up, much less unload the dishwasher. If friends or family offer help, TAKE THEM UP ON IT. Even if it”s letting your kids have a play date while you rest (see #1) or letting your mom cook you dinner & come sweep your kitchen. (Thanks, Mom!) I”m super thankful my mom & stepdad moved here last year.

3) Don”t go overboard with exercise

I found this one out the hard way because I didn”t work out a lick with the other two. However, I love Zumba and was extremely pleased that my OB said I could still do it. In fact, my zumba instructor recently had a baby and kept teaching until 8 months. The first class rolled around a couple of weeks ago that I felt good enough to go to since getting pregnant, because as you know, exhaustion is also a factor in the first trimester. I went, worked out hard, felt good doing it…and then came home and immediately crashed the rest of the day. I felt terrible! Again….see #1. The next class I made sure to go low best online casino impact and was fine, so I”m not saying don”t exercise! Just don”t go overboard. And remember that just you can, doesn”t mean you should 🙂

4) Stay hydrated

This one seems like a no brainer, however, it”s hard when you”re vomiting all the time! I love water but for some reason I have an aversion to it right now. I”m definitely not getting my 64 ounces in each day. But I am making sure to at least drink a Gatorade each day. There are other natural drinks that are probably better for you to stay hydrated, but lemon lime Gatorade is where it”s at for me right now. I surely don”t want another IV needle stuck in my arm because I”m too dehydrated.

5) Remember that this will pass

I”ve had a lot of meltdowns this pregnancy. A LOT. There have been days where I couldn”t get off the couch, where I could barely take care of the kids, but I know that it”s temporary, even if I”m unlucky and am sick the whole 9 months. (Knock on wood.) In the past week or so, I”ve started noticing better days where I”m only nauseous but not vomiting, and I”ll consider those good days & take them when I can. Unfortunately, morning sickness is just something you have to ride out!

I would like to note that I”m on Diclegis and take the Prenate AM vitamin-without those I”d be worse off, for sure. Ask your doctor if you”re unable to keep anything down and Zofran doesn”t work for you. (I”m not a doctor, obviously)

For ways to keep your little ones entertained during this period, check out Allie”s post here!




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