Third Trimester Must Haves

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Third Trimester Must Haves

-Maternity Support Belt-


This is something I didn’t use during my first pregnancy, but since I have been having back pain since pretty early on, I decided to try one out.  When I complained of sciatica pain, and general tiredness, my doctor recommended using a Maternity support belt.  I purchased this one from Motherhood.  The first time I put it on I felt like a weight had been lifted off my…..back?  It was almost strange how the belt could take some of the load that I was carrying.  I wear the support belt at the gym and if I am going to be standing for long periods of time.  My doctor said that some ladies wear them all the time including while sleeping.  I can’t find a super comfortable position for mine while sitting, so I just opt to take it off when I sit down.   Also, with the dry winter weather, I have found that this belt is not super comfortable rubbing against my dry skin.  I prefer to wear it over my pants, or make sure I have a longer shirt on so that the belt isn’t touching my skin directly.  I have seen some maternity support belts that seem to be made of a softer material than the one I have, but I can’t speak for the kind of support they offer.  If you carry low and out front like I do, I think a maternity support belt is a definite must have for (at least) the third trimester.


-Bigger Clothes-

When you enter a maternity store or even look it up online, you will be told to purchase maternity clothes in your pre pregnancy size.  Ha.  That works for me for about the first half of my pregnancy but then things start to get tight.  There is nothing more uncomfortable than the waist band of your almost too tight maternity pants digging in to your ever growing baby bump.  I started this pregnancy off wearing many of the same clothes I wore last time I was pregnant.  Medium capris, shorts, and shirts worked just fine.  I have been living in one pair of medium jeans but am sad to say that their time is coming to an end.  I have since found a few pair of large maternity pants at my local consignment stores, and then dug out the larger shirts I wore towards the end of my first pregnancy.  There is no shame, ladies, in purchasing larger sizes as your pregnancy progresses.  You are going to be uncomfortable enough dealing with back pain, heartburn, nausea…you shouldn’t have to deal with tight clothes too!


-Cravings Busters-

If you are like most pregnant women, you will have some sort of craving throughout your pregnancy.  Maybe sweets are your weakness.  Maybe you are more into tangy/spicy foods.  I’m not suggesting that you have a gallon of ice cream, a bucket of hot wings, and a jar of pickles at your beck and call, but having something that will keep you (or your husband) from running to the grocery store every evening is worth a thought.  Unfortunately, our cravings aren’t usually the healthiest options.  Which brings me to my next third trimester must have…

-Healthy Snacks-

Maybe you are a model pregnant patient, but I am not.  I have been fussed at about my weight gain since the first trimester.  BUT…a pregnant lady has to eat, right?  While I do indulge from time to time (more frequently than I should, probably) I try to keep a decent selection of healthy-ish snacks on hand.  Some of my favorites this time around have been yogurt (I like to mix in a little granola), Fiber One bars, cottage cheese mixed with fruit, Fiber One coffee cakes (try them!), and Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps ( I said healthy-ish).  I love that these pretzels come in so many flavors.  The buffalo definitely take care of my tangy craving as well!


AKA-Tums.  I am loving the chewy kind from CVS.  Ok, well not LOVING them, but  tolerating them.  They really do help before I go to bed….and in the middle of the day….and in the morning.

-Body Pillow-

I don’t think I would get any sleep without my body pillow.


If you are able, catch a nap whenever you can.  Even with the body pillow, I don’t get more than 3 hours of sleep in a row.  You know, bathroom breaks and all.  So, I find no shame in catching a nap when Eli is napping.  Thank goodness he is still a good napper.  Last week my husband even said something like ‘yeah, it’s not like you can get too much sleep at this point’.  Thanks, honey!  Seriously, it takes a lot of energy to grow a baby…and carry it around, and soon enough he is going to be here, making napping much more difficult!

What am I leaving out?  What were your third trimester must haves?



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