Things to do in Atlanta: Our Summer

Friday , 12, July 2013 Leave a comment

This summer has been busy! I want to tell you all about the fun we’ve been having this summer. My husband has been home and my sister-in-law surprised me with my dad showing up out of the blue to celebrate the kids’ birthday party with us, which I will share with you in my next post.

We decided to do some fun stuff while my dad was here and since I had not been, we went up to Stone Mountain Park. Honestly, I really didn’t want to go at first because the weather forecast was questionable and I hated to be stuck in a thunderstorm with 2 little ones. But my husband and dad really wanted to go so we packed up and headed out. By the time we arrived, the sun was out and we weren’t worried about the rain at all. We had planned to spend the afternoon, grab some dinner, and then see the laser light show/fireworks. We tried to purchase the Gold Family Pass at the park but were told you must do it online prior to your trip (oh well- learn from our mistakes).

So we paid for Adventure Passes and the extra for the Ducks and went on our merry way (kids under 3 are free by the way). Our Ducks trip was scheduled for 4:00 so we went down to the butterfly exhibit first! We had such a ball. My two year old was really able to get the butterflies on her feeding stick all by herself. And Cole caught some butterflies too.

We rode the Ducks, the train around the mountain, had some awesome barbeque, and walked the plantation. It ended up down pouring for the last hour or so of our trip so we decided to skip the laser show and head home. We really loved Stone Mountain Park and plan on camping there as the kids get older.

Another fun thing we did this summer was hit a Atlanta Braves game. My husband and I got super awesome seats and made a date night of it. We sure had fun. It was nice to just eat a ballpark hotdog, have a beer, and enjoy our favorite team. I nearly lost my voice from screaming and it rained the whole game but we wore our ponchos and were just happy they didn’t cancel!  Definitely make sure you get a game in. Go Braves!

We took the kids up the Atlanta Zoo one day which is always fun. Isla fed the giraffe which I think made her whole life. She has been obsessed with trains so Joseph took her on the train but some teenagers were screaming and scared her I think. But all and all, we really enjoyed the zoo and think everyone should make the trip at least once.

We spent some time down in south Georgia a couple weekends ago house hunting and I saw my first real live alligator. I ran and screamed like a girl while my husband laughed hysterically. I really did not know alligators lived in Georgia, nor that they are living on our next base (GAH!). But I will just have to get used to them and as long as they leave me alone, I guess they aren’t so bad.

My husband is leaving in less than a week so we are all pretty sad over here. Tonight we have our last date night for 7 more months and then this weekend we are moving all of our stuff down south and getting baptized! I’m really going to be sad about leaving this wonderful area, but I am excited to start a new adventure! 

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