There must be something in the water!

Friday , 13, December 2013 1 Comment

I have a secret.

Well, not really a secret. I can’t keep a secret to save my life. But I do have some fun news.

Our family will be growing next year! Yes, after years (3, exactly) of saying our family was complete, we were shocked (but excited) (but mostly shocked) to find out that we are expecting another little one in July. (Of course, in July, when everyone in our family celebrates a birthday in a 16 day period) Now that an ultrasound confirmed that there actually IS a little peanut growing inside me, with its own heartbeat and everything, I’ve finally relaxed some….until I think about how frazzled I may be as a mom of 3! Some days I feel like I’m barely treading water with 2! Here are some of the things that have kept me awake at night…

1) We’ll need a bigger kitchen table

2) And a bigger car

3) And rearrange the kids bedrooms

4) I will eventually have a kindergartener, a 4th grader, and a 7th grader. That makes my head hurt!

5) We need new EVERYTHING (well, new to us). I’m not kidding when I tell you that as soon as Little Brother outgrew something, I got rid of it. To be honest, though, this thought is exciting as well.

Any moms of more than 2 out there? What’s your best piece of advice?

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