The Paleo Experiment: 2 week check-in

Tuesday , 5, February 2013 Comments Off on The Paleo Experiment: 2 week check-in

2 weeks ago, I told y”all that I was going to start the Paleo diet. Well, how”s it going?


Pretty good actually! I”ve lost 5 pounds and I”m REALLY enjoying not having to count calories…to eat until I am full, and then not eat again UNTIL I AM HUNGRY. Sometimes that comes quicker than others, (more on that in a sec) but I feel like I”m on the right track.

Now, I”m not 100% paleo. I am all about easy, and things that are doable over a lifetime. There are ritz crackers and wheat thins in my pantry. I have 2 kids. Let”s be real.

Things that were easy:

1) Figuring out what to eat, provided I stayed off pinterest. Yes…paleo is easy as long as you have meat & veggies, and that”s it, at dinner. Our experiment with spaghetti squash was a success for the hubby and I for spaghetti night. The kids had whole wheat pasta because I”m not trying to start a mutiny. Salads were eaten with that meal, and any other meal that didn”t have an no-brainer side dish.

2) Baking! I tried a couple of recipes with almond flour (banana nut muffins, pumpkin muffins & bread) and both turned out really well. I had a friend recommend to be careful with paleo baking because of the fat content with the flour, and I was going to plug the recipe into my fitness pal just to see, but um….I forgot until just now.

3) Exercising like a caveman. I read a lot that you should avoid “chronic cardio,” to lift heavy things, and to sprint. Well, I don”t do any of that. Crossfit sounds like torture. However, I do LOVE Zumba. And before I started this diet, I was having problems with achy knees because I was Zumba-ing my butt off (I attend a really high impact class) and then on my non-Zumba days I was walking 2.5 miles on the treadmill. No wonder my knees hurt! So, I”m experimenting with Zumba being my only source of cardio 3 days a week. Lifting heavy things hasn”t entered into the equation, however, I am going to start weight lifting 2 days a week on my Zumba off days.

The good thing, so far, is that eating like this isn”t *too* far off of how dgfev online casino we usually eat when we”re on track. Sure, we”ll have a bread item at dinner, or a sandwich with our salad at lunch, but it”s not so hard to omit the bread or just make a bigger salad. I imagine that if I was just starting out eating “real food” and switching to this meal plan, it would be harder to stick with.

Things that continue to take some getting used to:

1) Remembering to eat a good breakfast so I don”t get the all-day munchies. Mine & hubby”s go to breakfast is a green smoothie, then maybe later some eggs & bacon. Mmmm, bacon.

2) Staying ahead of the game: A couple of times I got to the “I”m so hungry I could eat a horse” before eating and by then I would binge on something not so great. It happens, I know, but it”s SO much easier when I know I have leftovers in the fridge, or I start dinner in the crock pot ahead of time…you get the idea.

So, am I going to stick with it? I think so, at least for now. The bottom line behind any good eating plan is to eat wholesome, real, food, and that”s what I need to be aiming for for my family.


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