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Tuesday , 3, December 2013 2 Comments

So……I recently won an all expense paid vacation to my choice of Las Vegas, Hawaii, Willamsburg, VA or Florida. Exciting right? Well this is my dilemma, is it okay for a mother and a wife to go on vacation alone, without the family? Even writing about it is giving me a tinge of guilt. What mother would want to leave and go off galavanting while her husband and child are at home?

Those that know me know that I watch a lot of television. I do not recall what show it was but recently there was a woman that talked about going on vacation alone and leaving her husband and children at home alone for four days. She stated that since she had gotten married and started a family, this was one of the best decisions that she had made. Not only did it give her a break from her “norm”, it also rejuvenated her marriage and guess what, her husband agreed as well.

As wives and mothers I think that we get into a groove of what we have to do and should do. A lot of us are guilty of not taking time for ourselves. For me, time for myself is an hour on the massage table at my local Massage Envy or Zen Massage. However, is this enough? At this time, I am a work from home mom and so this means that I am ALWAYS at home. Even in the midst of working I am doing laundry, preparing dinner and everything else that we do. Sometimes I feel like I am on the edge….of the edge and I need that me time. However I do not know if I could do it. Could I leave my hubby and son to have a good time and would I actually have a good time? I guess that I will only have the answer if I am brave enough to try it…..

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  • Rachel says:

    Hold on…you WON an all expenses paid trip? How did you manage that? I am totally jealous!

  • Jamie says:

    For many years, my husband and I have taken occasional trips with friends, without each other. It’s a chance for me to do “girl things” and not worry about the kids. He goes on hunting trips and does “guy things.” I say, GO FOR IT! You have won a FREE trip! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!

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