Christmas Traditions

Thursday , 1, December 2011 Leave a comment

At our house, we celebrate Christmas.  I’ve been seeing a lot of little comments on Facebook about what friends are planning for the upcoming season.  Most have to do with some kind of Christmas countdown.  Many of my friends have versions of the Christmas “book” in which there is a scripture, story and song for December 1st through the 24th.  I have a couple versions of this book and perhaps my family is just too young, but we’ve never gotten through them consistantly.   So over the last couple days I’ve been trying to narrow down some things we can do as a family that might be tradition worthy in the years to come.

We have scripture time in the evening with our Princess.  It is usually only 3-4 verses a night.  I decided I was going to break down the Christmas story in Luke and read it a few verses at a time during our scripture time in December.  Luckily, I ran across this post by City Mom Blogs Network founder Steph that already had it broken down this way!  Easy Button!

We have a small fiber optic tree that is already glowing but we’ve decided to get a real tree this year on my mother-in-laws birthday.  This is a tradition from my husbands home that I think he’d like to continue.  And it’s been at least 10 years since I had a real tree!!

I love this next one!  One family wraps all of the holiday books and movies in their house and opens one each day to watch or read.  I love this because you don’t spend anything!  I came up with 12 books, so we’ll be doing the 12 days of Christmas this way.

Do you celebrate the holidays?  What do you do to make them memorable and meaningful for your children?

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