The “Magic Mike” Phenomena

Thursday , 28, June 2012 Leave a comment

Raise your hand ladies if you are going to see “Magic Mike” as soon as it opens at your local theater!  In the past few days I have noticed A LOT of moms are making plans to see this movie.  Not only are friends from all over posting on Facebook that they are planning on going, but I am in two Mom’s groups and both are scheduling a Mom’s Night Out for “Magic Mike”.  So all these ladies going to see a single movie leads me to ask, why?  Why are we all so excited to go see this movie?

One obvious reason is all the handsome fellas.  I mean, really, how much more machismo can you put on one movie screen?  Another is probably that most of us wouldn’t actually hire someone like Mike, but go to the theater with a bunch of friends, watch a movie about Mike and giggle like teenagers??  Yes, we will!  And let’s face it, for us women, what goes on between the sheets at home has a whole lot to do with what goes on between our ears, so why not get a jump start with a little eye candy?!

Whatever the reason, I think we should get to the theater early to get a good seat…I have a feeling it will be a full house!

Who plans to see this movie?  Are you making it a ‘girls night’?


If you would like to catch ‘Magic Mike’ here are some local theater options:


Sharpsburg/ Peachtree City


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