The June “Whole 30”

Friday , 17, May 2013 3 Comments

When we learned that we had gotten orders on the day Cole was born, I started thinking about what I wanted to do while my husband was gone. I certainly needed things to keep me busy and like most new moms, I needed to lose the baby weight and then some.

Since my husband left in February, I’ve been dieting and working out like a crazy person trying to get healthy and skinny before his return. Does he care? No. But I do. I have spent the last few years pregnant, eating everything in sight, and when not pregnant, my eating habits were still less than stellar. I have been unhappy with my body for quite some time and moving to Georgia was the change I needed to get my butt in gear.

I have lost about 25 lbs since we moved here which is wonderful. I can see muscles I haven’t seen before. I’ve dropped a pants size. I’ve done Weight Watchers, counted calories, and zumba’d my heart out since February. Here we are in mid-May and I’ve hit a stand-still.  The scale has not budged for weeks and although, I was at first discouraged, it’s helped me to realize something very important– seeing a lower number on the scale is less important than feeling good and being strong. So, now my plan has changed! I am more focused on feeling good, gaining strength and endurance, and feeding my family “good for us” foods.

What does that mean for my plan? Well… I want my body to be the best it can be. Sure, fitting into a smaller size and seeing a lower BMI would be nice, but it’s not number 1 anymore. I want to be strong, I want to be able to chase my kids and play for hours without feeling winded, and I want to know that I’m feeding myself and my children the very best foods. Yesterday, while leaving the gym, I felt very Wonder Woman as I hauled each 20 lb child in my arms. I feel blessed that my body allows me to do that especially when I don’t have anyone else to haul them!

For now, changing the plan means rearranging our grocery budget to less snacks/frozen meals/junk, more organic meats and produce. I love to go to the store with a list and leave realizing I only hit the outer edges of the store. I mean really, if you think about it, that’s where the healthy stuff is- the sides and the back of the store. I will continue to workout at least 3-4 times a week, mixing both lifting and cardio.

This brings me to the challenge. Starting June 1st (Also the day of my first 5k– go me!), I will be starting the “Whole 30” Program.  I’m currently reading “It Starts with Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (the creators of the Whole 30 program) to prepare myself for the changes. Basically, Whole 30 is 30 days of eating the best foods for you to reset your body. It’s not a diet. It’s a way of eating that allows you to see what foods make you feel the best and which foods do not. You can see the rules here. I am very excited and I’m hoping that I gain a lot out of the program including better sleep and less bloating. I also REALLY love the idea of not stepping on the scale for a whole month!! I might give my scale to my sister-in-law just to make sure I stick to it (right now, I have an unhealthy scale addiction and normally get on it at least 2 times…. a day).

I am challenging our readers to complete  the “Whole 30” program with me this June. On May 31st, I will share my before pictures, weight, and measurements (…gasp!). I will also voice my concerns and let you know what I bought and what meals I plan to make those first couple weeks. I hope that our readers that are participating will share with us their before pictures and more if they like. I really suggest that if you are going to do the program, you read the book, especially if you want to know why the program works. For the whole month, readers can share meals, bumps in the road, etc via the blog, facebook, twitter, or instagram(see the top of our home page for all the links)! You can use #psmbwhole30 when posting pics on instagram or sending tweets to us. I think it will be an awesome way to keep motivated and share our progress!


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