The Holidays are Over–The Clutter Remains!

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Christmas Photo With Our Bird Dog Puppies!


Funny Picture after Annual Christmas Dinner

Our family had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with our family and friends. The kids are starting back to school, and our lives will be returning to “normal.”

If you”re like me, you shopped, baked, and entertained, while still doing all of your normal household chores. (Like never-ending laundry!)  Whew! Now we”re faced with cleaning up the aftermath, putting away giftwrap, decorations, etc., and getting our “everyday” things back into place.

How about you? Do you struggle with keeping things neat? Have you undecorated? Is your Christmas Tree still up? Mine is! We like looking at the lights. Until another event requires using our living room, we usually leave our tree up! Last year it came down in March, I think.

The longest we”ve left a tree up is September! We rarely used the living room in our first house. My husband and I both worked long hours, and we got used to walking by our artificial tree, decorated with seashells, without really seeing it. We didn”t think about taking it down till a visitor shocked us into reality by asking, “Aren”t you putting your tree up early?” I had to sheepishly respond, “It”s been up since last Christmas!”

I take down most Christmas decorations right after Christmas, but we left the Christmas cards on our pantry door till October this year! online casino (My Christmas Post explains my reluctance to remove all vestiges of Christmas!)

I”m actually thinking about breaking with tradition and trying to take our tree down before the end of January! I”ve started following The Fly Lady, and am taking baby steps into The Fly Lady”s system of organizing and decluttering your home. As a collector, who has inherited lots of “stuff” (including the contents of relatives” junk drawers,) I have a LOT of purging to do!

Paper clutter is one of my biggest problems. I save articles, recipes, and other papers that I plan to use “one day” in stacks on tables, bookshelves, etc. As a solution, I”m trying to only handle my mail once, by opening it next to the trash can, and tossing the junk. If I miss a couple of days, things really pile up! I also procrastinate on filing.

I”ve gotten better about not saving ALL plastic food containers and glass jars. I actually throw away cream cheese and butter tubs when my drawer is full.

I used to save everything–“just in case” we might need it one day. I have saved lots of things that were destined for craft projects that have not yet happened, and probably never will! Are you guilty of this?

I read an article a couple of years ago that said to throw away, or give away, a bag of “stuff” each day. I tried that for a while. I figured at some point I”d see a difference. I did not ever reach that point! “Life” got in the way and I got out of the habit! I”m gearing up to do something similar again–but maybe not EVERY day!

Confession is good for the soul. Are there any other “collectors” or “messies” out there? Do you need help with organization, too? I”m sharing this to engender some mutual support! Any other Fly Lady fans?

If you”re organized, can you make some suggestions? How do you conquer your family”s clutter? All ideas are welcome!

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