The Goddard School, Tyrone….One of Fayette County’s Best Kept Secrets

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When I began looking for a school for my son I knew that I had some standards that I wanted. Curriculum of course was one, but to be honest the first on my list was good and consistent infection control standards and practices. So my search began. I asked around and looked around my area. However, I did not easily find a school that jumped out at me. I remembered that while living in New Jersey a few of my colleagues always raved about the Goddard School that their children attended. I knew that it was a long shot but I searched the internet to see if the Atlanta area had a Goddard School and how close it was to me,  if there was one locally.

To my surprise, not only was there a Goddard School in the Atlanta area, there was one in South Atlanta. Not only was it in South Atlanta, it was right here in Fayette County and only miles from my home. YAY!!!  Ok, I had to calm myself to not get too excited. I wanted to see for myself what they had to offer. I can tell you that I was very impressed. They had  the total package, great infection control practices, challenging curriculum and teachers and staff that cared. This was the one…..

About the Goddard Tyrone

The Goddard School, Tyrone was opened in 2007 by onsite owners, mother and daughter Shonda Rose and Laura Evans. With backgrounds in sociology, business and 33 years in education administration they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

In speaking to Ms. Rose, education has always been her passion. She noted that her vision for the Goddard School, Tyrone is “to lay a life long foundation of learning for each child and for  them (the students) to continue to thrive long after they have moved on from the Goddard School”.

I can say from our (my family’s) experience that we have seen a dramatic difference in our child’s learning style and his interest in everyday learning. He loves to go to school and I can tell that he is indeed being challenged.

The staff at the Goddard School fosters an environment conducive to continued learning along with compassion and caring for the children at the school. In addition to the learning curriculum, the school also offers optional extra curricular activities such as gymnastics, music and soccer. They also offer parents’ night out and spirit night at local restaurants. You can also join them for their annual Trunk or Treat which will take place on Thursday, October 31st at 4pm.

The Goddard School Tyrone is located at 115 Greencastle Rd in Tyrone. If you would like more information, they are always open to give a tour and answer any questions that you may have. You can contact the onsite director, Ms. Mary Marietta at 770-487-3315 or at


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