The End of an Era

Thursday , 8, March 2012 3 Comments

As I was checking out local preschools I felt a familiar sadness as the end of an era draws near.  My middle child will be starting preschool in the fall and while I know he will flourish in school, it also means that the precious time I have with all my little ones at home is quickly passing. 

The last big era our family left behind was the “Era of Diapers”.  Since May 2006 I have been changing diapers.  There were diapers to be changed throughout the day, in the middle of the night, whenever I was trying to eat, drink or rest.  And suddenly, within a few days, there were no more diapers!  As with all developmental milestones there is a great sense of accomplishment, but also a sense of what is being left behind. 

As I tuck my children in each night I look at them and see their past, present and future in their cute little faces.  I often wonder how my 5 year old became so wise when I can still see him as an infant so clearly in my mind.  Kissing my 4 year old goodnight I hope that he will always love the people in his life with the passion he has now.  And when I rock my 2 year old I find it hard to comprehend how much she has changed in the short 2 years that she has been in my life. 

I have learned that while there is an end to every era and sadness that may accompany it, there is also great joy and pleasure in entering a new era.  There are new adventures to be had, new skills to master and new memories to be made.  So, even though I sometimes wish we could go back, my children keep me moving forward to the next era of our lives!

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  • julie says:

    This totally got me teary-eyed!

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