The Case of the Traveling Husband

Thursday , 16, February 2012 Leave a comment

So far in our 6.5 year marriage my husband and I have spent very little time apart.  There have been a few 4 or 5 day occasions where I will travel home to Iowa or he will go on a fishing trip, and there was the summer that he interned about 4 hours from home, but other than that, we at least sleep in the same bed at night.  Well, his position at work is requiring him to start traveling a bit more.  Next week he will be gone for the ENTIRE week.  Ok, I am being a bit dramatic, but like I said in the Valentines Day post, I really like my husband…I’m gonna miss the guy 🙁

So what is a Mamma to do when her other half is gone for an extended (maybe a week isn’t exactly extended, but you know what I mean) amount of time? Will I cook a meal for just me? Probably not.  Will I have anyone to decompress with at the end of the day? Nope.  I am planning to attend as many playgroups as possible next week so that I will have some adult conversation.  I will also enjoy having sole possession of the remote control.  I can watch whatever I want on the big TV, and not feel guilty one bit. I am also planning on keeping up with him through texts and phone calls while he is gone.  Honestly though, my guy is pretty quiet in person, let alone on the phone.  So a whole lot of “how was your day, honey”….”Fine” is in my future.  While I might get frustrated with feeling disconnected while he is away, we always pick right back up when we are together again.  At least, that has been the case with our times apart in the past.

This will be the first time I’ll be on my own since having Eli.  I am a little more apprehensive about being alone since I am responsible for another person.  I have a few folks in town I know I can call on if I really need something and the in-laws are just about an hour away.

I know many of you are much more experienced at having to hold down the fort while the hubby is away.  What advice do you have for me going into next week……and beyond?

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