The Big Nursery Reveal

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I can barely believe the new nursery is finally finished and with only a few weeks to spare! With the holiday season being so busy, I really wanted to knock out this task before preparation for Christmas hit full swing. As I mentioned in this post here, redoing the nursery was a way for me to connect to the new baby and the decor from the Goober’s original nursery didn’t really work for our new house, plus the hubs and I were geeking out about getting to do a Doctor Who nursery! We recently moved the Goober into his new, big boy room (more on that here) so the nursery was officially ready to be tackled and completed.

Here are pics of what the nursery originally looked like and (terrible) sketches of how I envisioned the final product.Nursery Before

Doctor Who Nursery Sketches

And here it is, the big Doctor Who nursery reveal! Ta Da!

Doctor Who Nursery Reveal

I couldn’t find starry sheets I loved for a good price so I ended up making them using this tutorial. It was insanely easy, so much so that I ended up making 2 more sets from some clearance flannel I found when searching for the perfect  fabric. The Goob was pretty hard on the original top rails of the crib, so I also made teething guards (using this tutorial) to hide the damage and prevent the newbie from chewing or picking at the wood. I found most of the frames on the picture wall above the crib at Goodwill for under a dollar and used craft paint to make them colorful. I made the solar system mobile using embroidery hoops, fishing line, and a kit from Hobby Lobby that I hand painted. I added a TARDIS to the mobile as well, since what solar system is complete without a flying police box. I made the TARDIS using cardstock, modpodge, and this site which has a printable image that you just cut out and fold into shape.Doctor Who Nursery

I used scrap fabric to make a fabric pennant to hang across the closet. Felt bowties (representing the 11th Doctor) tied the pennant into our theme, plus bowties are just cool.  We had taken the folding doors off the closet when we moved in since they were a finger pinching hazard and weren’t attached very securely, so I used some leftover fabric from our guestroom curtains to make curtains to conceal that area.Pennant Banner Nursery Decor

For the changing table wall, I bought a wooden C (newbie’s name is going to start with C) and painted it royal blue. I then painted on an abstracted version of the Doctor’s name in his native language (like I said, the hubs and I were geeking out) and then added a felt fez and bowtie. I used a Michael’s coupon and bought a pack of 8×10 canvases that I painted with a blue base coat. Then I began the tedious task of making a Dalek, a Cyberman, an Adipose, and K-9 out of scrapbook paper. I printed out the images and then cut out the shapes starting from the outline and working toward the finer details. I then modpodged all the various layers together and  glued it to the backgrounds. The bottom left picture shows a little bit of the process, which took several nap times to complete.Doctor Who Initial Nursery ArtDoctor Who Cut Paper Wall Art

The last thing I wanted to get done for his room was some wall art for the long bare wall opposite the crib. I was inspired by the Atlanta skyline nursery art I saw on Ten June and decided to make my own version. First I created my skyline in Photoshop, adding in pieces of the city that are meaningful to us, like the Georgia Tech building (the hubs’ alma mater), the Fly Delta sign and plane (my hubs’ dad is a Delta pilot), and other iconic landmarks. We also added in some quirky details, like King Kong and a TARDIS (it is going in a Doctor Who nursery after all). I ended up deciding I liked a more abstracted version of the skyline in black and white, with a few pops of color. I used an old projector we have had for years and a sheet of luan cut to 3′ by 6′ (I had Lowe’s cut it in store so it would fit in my car). Some paint, a few black sharpies, and a little bit of time and here’s how it came out. I love how it turned out!

Atlanta Skyline Nursery Art

So that’s our Doctor Who nursery. Going in there just makes me happy since so much of it was done with love by the hubster and/or myself and it came out pretty much exactly as I envisioned it in my head. Now we just have to wait for the newbie to enter this world. I hope he ends up liking his room one day as much as we do.


So tell me: Did you do a themed nursery for your little one? Did it turn out like you expected? What were your nursery must-haves? Any advice on becoming a parent of two kids under 2?

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