The Big Boy Bed Transition

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As I posted about in my goals post a few weeks ago, we spent the weekend transitioning the Goober into his big boy bed in a new room. Ideally we would have loved to do the transition in the same room, but it made more sense for the smaller bedroom to remain the nursery for baby number two and to move the Goob into the larger bedroom. So at the same time as I’ve been working on redecorating baby brother’s nursery (see posts on that here), we have also been hard at work turning our other bedroom from a guestroom into a travel themed big boy room. To start we combined my sewing room downstairs with the guestroom and brought up a twin bed we had from college years. We left the frame in storage and just set up the mattress on top of the boxspring so if the Goober rolled off the bed, he wouldn’t have too far to fall. I couldn’t find inexpensive twin sheets I loved so I took little man to the fabric store and let him pick out two of his favorite fabrics and brought them home and turned them into sheets using this tutorial here.

Toddler Dinosaurs & Sharks Fabric Picks

Now that his bed was set up and made, I ordered a new video camera/monitor (the Summer Infant Secure Sight) to set up for his room, which has been super helpful in making sure he is staying in bed and not rolling or climbing out. We actually ordered the identical kit to the one we already had instead of simply ordering an extra camera because our monitor hasn’t lasted as well as the camera has. We were hoping we would be able to hook up both monitors to both cameras and be able to leave a monitor on each level, but I’m not sure that will be possible. Every time we get both cameras on one, we lose the cameras on the other. We are happy with the system even with only being able to use one monitor though, since it has good sound/video quality and can scan between the 2 cameras, meaning I don’t have to manually switch back and forth. And the main selling point was it was affordable.

The other project I insisted had to be completed before we transitioned him out of the crib was getting his dresser secured to the wall. The dresser was already in the room from it’s guestroom days and since he was never allowed in there unattended, we hadn’t gotten around to securing it to the wall. After I started moving his clothes over to his new room one laundry load at a time, it became more and more important to me to get it secured before he was sleeping and playing in there. I might sound like an over-protective mom, but a few years ago an old friend of mine lost her 3 yr old to a piece of furniture falling on him.  I ended up having my husband perform an experiment that just reiterated my need to get it attached to the wall. Here’s the dresser I’m talking about:   Dresser

It’s an extremely heavy antique dresser we got from one of the hubs’ great aunts after she passed and honestly, before this experiment, a part of me thought I was being a tiny bit over-protective too. Hint: I wasn’t. First I had the hubs hang off it like a toddler would try to. Nothing happened (as you can see from the picture). The dresser didn’t budge an inch.IMG_5176


Then I had him open the middle drawer and lean on that. He couldn’t put his whole weight on the drawer with out risking it cracking or breaking, but the end result was the same as the first; the dresser didn’t budge.IMG_5172


Then I had him open all the drawers (like I’ve had to stop the Goob from doing on it multiple times) and try again. Suddenly, it was a whole different story. The drawers being open shifted all the weight to the front and with barely any effort at all, the hubs had the dresser tipping forward simply by applying a slight amount of pressure on the top drawer. Scary!Secure Your Furniture


So now it is secured to the wall using a scrap piece of wood that we screwed into studs and then we removed the top drawers and screwed through the back off the dresser into the wood. If your dresser doesn’t have a lip all around the top like ours does, the scrap wood step probably wouldn’t be necessary. They also sell anti-tip straps for televisions and furniture, like the ones here, we just opted to use a method that we already had the materials for. We also added safety knobs to the bedroom doors so he can’t go exploring in the middle of the night.  IMG_5179Anyway, back to the bed transitioning.

Once we had the camera up and the dresser secured, there was no need to keep putting off letting the Goober sleep in his big boy bed, which we had been talking about with him for several weeks to get him excited rather than nervous about. The first night we did our bedtime routine as usual then we laid him down in his new bed and said prayers, sang his goodnight song, walked out and closed the door. And crazy enough, that was it. We did have to go in at 10:30 pm and again at 3 am to put him back in the bed after he rolled off it in his sleep. Amazingly, possibly thanks to the body pillow I had put along the side of the bed to cushion any falls, he slept through both tumbles out and we were able to put him back in bed none the wiser. The next night we put some rolled towels along the long side (under the sheets) and he has yet to roll off again. I’ve also seen pool noodles recommended, but we went with items we already had on hand and it being November, I wouldn’t even know where to look to find them in stores…

Naps were a bit iffy at first. The first day we ended up putting him back in the crib to nap after almost an hour of him climbing out of bed and playing, but after a few more nights of sleeping in it no problem, naptime became easier and easier and a week later, he goes done and stays down without a fuss. Yay!photo(1)

So share with me how your bed transitioning went. Was is easy? Super frustrating? Any tips or tricks you found to make life easier for you and the kiddo, like the rolled towels/pool noodles?

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